OPD Propane Tank

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Nov 9, 2008
My new camper came with this. Looks like someone used adjustable pliers the last few (several?) times to hook up the propane tank. Given the amount of tape I'm a bit hesitant to touch it until I need to--but I'm not sure how much is in the tank, so I should fix this sooner than later. Ideally I'd like to use an OPD fitting. Simply easier than using wrenches. Should I replace the regulator, or do they make a fitting that does this for me?
IS that Teflon tape on the threads? Shouldn't need that there - it should be sealing at the tip with an o-ring. It it's leaking (that it needs Teflon tape), replace the o-ring, and check for leaks. I'd be worried about what else the previous owner 'jimmy-rigged' on this camper; especially the rest of the gas lines, and electrical. ! Good luck replacing the threaded sleeve/nut. They can usually be removed (from regulator), but may be impossible to find a same-size replacement. Might be better (safer) to replace whole regulator section if that one is quite old. Leaking propane on a camper is not something you want to mess around with. Old campers burn really quick. Two brand-new smoke-detectors would be my first investment into that thing!
Did not know about the teflon tape. I did see some oddball wiring, hopefully that is nothing major (wiring is simple, but a nuisance). I'll see about pulling it off tonight and seeing what is going on, maybe it's all buggered up. I do want to replace the fitting at a minimum. Why does this seem to have two regulator stages versus my home grill which has but one? Seems odd. Going to guess a BBQ regulator isn't what I can use here.
Find a local RV store and get the items you need from them. They are far more familiar with these situations than anyone else. they can identify what parts you need and how to get them installed properly.
I like the looks of that Camco but I don't see one with OPD. I get that I can use POL with OPD tanks but why not get one with OPD connector? My two year older camper has one like that already. Speaking of tape, found this old thread: http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2850569 I haven't seen absolute confirmation that yellow is gas-tight, but it is thicker. I think. And better. So I'll get a roll of that. Although I'm not convinced it's necessary--I didn't need it (I think) when I changed the regulator on the grill, IIRC there it was a flare fitting.
2-stage is very important (for safety) for appliances with pilot-light (bbq grill = no pilot light, and not enclosed structure). Also note as pictured on Camco regulator (linked above) the black O-RING at the tip - this is what should be making the seal (not Teflon tape). Yellow-Teflon tape is specifically for hydrocarbon-based-gasses; it won't leak like the white will when used for propane/nat gas (has nothing to do with thickness but rather density and resistance to particular leakage).
Interestingly enough the Amazon reviews indicate leakage issues, and the need for tape. Later on I will read up on what the second stage does. But after I fix the regulator. Didn't get to it today, had other repairs in the way.
Pulled it off tonight. No o ring in the brass fitting. Odd, I found that while a 5/8" wrench fit on the fitting on one end of the rubber line, it does not on the other. Also found a big cut in the line, only thro the outer black rubber, but still. I think there is only 1psi in it but good call to replace.
I have a thread about this on popupportal also, since I'm not going to bore you guys about canvas etc. Over there someone pointed out that OPD fittings might not be allowed on campers--apparently the quick disconnect feature isn't allowed, must use the POL fitting instead. Have not fully researched it out yet, but did find this: http://www.rv-motorhome-answers.com/LP-cylinders.html
OPD service valve with "quick disconnect" which is primarily used by the BBQ industry and is NOT permitted for use on rv's Quick Disconnect fittings can be used downline on rv's on such things as gas grills but are not permitted at the LP cylinder
Edit: nevermind, I think that is for rigidly mounted tanks, not the quick removal 20lb tanks.
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