Ooh! First Oil Change!

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Jul 16, 2003
Mililani, Oahu, Hawaii, USA, Earth
Howzit All, New guy here, all the way from Hawaii. Just found your place off a link from a tacoma message board, gotta say im floored by all the knowledge about oil here. Got a question to pick your brains if you dont mind. I just got my 03 2.4L 4x2 Xcab Tacoma in May. Now I got 2600 miles (and loving every inch of it!) My friend recommended I change the oil since I'm still running the break in oil. Was wondering whats a good brand to use? Regular oil or synthetic (or blend? is that even worth it?) Didn't think it would be too complex till I saw all the posts here. Please let me know thanks! Greg
I think if you spend a little time in this section you will find this question has been asked many times before and the answers will probably apply to you one way or another. I assume your Ford calls for 5W-20 oil. You will first have to decide if you are going to go with the lighter weight. There are numerous discussions on this subject also. Not sure which oils have tested well as 20 Wt. oils. You can check in the Used Oil Analysis Section . If you decide you want to go longer drain intervals you would want to go with Mobil 1 or Amsoil. [Welcome!]
Umm, Al, I think the Tacoma is made by Toyota? Welcome, 808TacoBell! If you're gonna do 3,000 (or so) mile oil changes, a good dino oil like Castrol GTX or Chevron will be fine. If you want to do extended intervals, use synthetic. Does your pickup see any severe use? (Towing, mostly short trips, driving on dusty roads, etc.) If so synthetic might be better.. Stay away from Fram oil filters, the original Toyota ones are very good, especially the ones made in Japan. Jason
I believe 'Mobil 1 Supersyn' is the undisputed champion on this board. You cant go wrong putting that in your Toyota.
I believe 'Mobil 1 Supersyn' is the undisputed champion on this board.
Wow! Now that's flame bait. [LOL!] Undisputed..., in this dispusion,errr discussion group. [Dual]
I have a 99 Taco 4.2 l SR5 2 WD. Dyno-Mite Truck,I love it. I was a Mobil Oil salesman for five years and that doesn't make me anykind of expert,but I do know a little about oil.I would go with Chvevron 5W-30 Dino oil or M1 10W30.I have been out of the business for over eight years and I know things change pretty fast in the oil Business. Best of Luck with your Tacoma !
Thanks for the replies Ok now I know where the dino I keep seeing comes from (somehow I feel bad about throwing Fred Flintstone's old dog in my truck but hey, their time has come and gone muhahahha) My truck is just for driving no off roading or towing or anything Thanks for the help guys! G
I guess its safe to say you don't have to worry too much about cold weather performance [Roll Eyes] so I'd say a good conventional oil like Havoline, Chevron, Castrol GTX or Pennzoil 5w30 or 10w30 would be great with 3 to 4 thousand mile intervals. [Welcome!]
Your climate should be real easy on the oil so dino might be just fine. (Pennzoil and Chevron are favorites here). For synthetic, Mobil 1 is excellent oil and easy to find. I'd avoid the mail order oils like Amsoil, Schaeffers, etc. Freight would cost you a fortune for minimal benefit.
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