On the lookout for exotic oils.....anyone heard of this?

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Jul 17, 2002
st. Louis
I was at a European car show today and one of the vendors was a guy selling Amsoil and Zymol products. Among his Zymol literature was an oil called Zyntek. I suppose it's manufactured for Zymol but by who? The Zyntek bottles look like shampoo bottles.


All run-of-the-mill engine oils are made up of base crude petroleum oil and cleaning additives. Semi-synthetic oils, or blends, are composites of hydrocarbon-processed base stock with conventional mineral base additives. Certain leading "blends" contain as little as 10 percent synthetic oil. Commonly available oil has very unstable short-chain molecules that evaporate or oxidize in the extreme heat of standard engine operating modality. These same oils contain small amounts of sulfur, phosphorus and tar residue that can block small tolerance oil journals causing starvation, overheating and premature engine failure. Zyntek flows at sub-zero temperatures and increases its viscosity parameters as heat and load demands. Each Zyntek Case contains 5 litres of oil and an Engine Oil Analysis Kit. Zyntek is engineered to be perfect.


Each case of five quarts comes with an oil analysis kit for $99.
Even with a high end $25 oil analysis that's still 15 bucks a quart. The zymol site gives little real information...."meets API SH/SJ, ACEA A1"...yawn, they all do. Anybody heard of this oil before?

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Hehe, Zym@l now selling oil.
I'm curious also. Zym@l wax is the one for fanatical concours types.
I was thinking about the name just after I posted last night. Zyntek is really close to Syntec. Maybe Castrol in Europe is manufacturing this for Zymol.

Zym@l wax is the one for fanatical concours types

Well, they sell it at Costco. 1 bottle of wax and 1 bottle of detailer spray for 12 bucks.

So much for the snob appeal...

I actually used it last weekend, it is very good cleaner/wax. Don't know how long it lasts but it sure looks good.

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