old powermater generator

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Oct 1, 2011
i have chance to buy an old powermate 5000er generator. it has a tecumsah engine 10hp the engine runs fine but on the panel, the 220v receptacles look like 110v receptacles. what should i look for in buying this? thanks
It sounds like the 220 outlets are NEMA 6-15R, with "squinty eyes" instead of vertical slots. I would look for a switch to gang the two phases together so you get the full ~30 amps on one 110 outlet. It's handy to keep things balanced if you have one heavy duty thing that draws lots of juice starting up. If you have a kill-a-watt meter (libraries loan them out) see how close it holds 60 cycles under various loads. If you are considering this for home standby power, consider it'll probably burn through a 5 gallon can of gas in well under eight hours.
Have you measure voltage? Plug in an electric heater to load it a bit. You can make up a connector for the 220V outlet. Its just old where the neutral and ground were connected. You may need 220V for a water pump, I do.
Those were not expensive gensets. Nor do they have a reputation for long life. That engine is particularly sensitive to oil change and viscosity requirements. Unless it's $100.00. I'd look at something else. Around here (South Florida), they sold for $400-$450 new.
My 5KW Powermate is a noisy POJ I revived it after going without power for 4 days after Irene. It took 40 bucks worth of Tecumseh carb bits to get this 20yr old HM100 running.But both voltages work. It gets a 220v dryer element cherry red. It can make a 4 foot 120v portable strip heater toasty too. Honestly, I'm sort of glad it wasn't going. for the outage. It is noisy and has a 1 gallon tank. Pull start.
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