old pics, but of top end of 1995 Harley Evo that ran 15w50 synthetic

Mar 18, 2023
dont remember exact mileage but it was up around 160k. all on auto oi 15w50 Napa synthetic for th emost part.
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That sits in a -96 or -97 BMW R1100RT. Not mine but of an elderly guy I know.

some year back I passed some old boy on I95 , he was riding what looked like a 60's model Bimmer ... he had a steady stream of blue smoke coming out of one exhaust pipe.. I stopped in a rest area 40 miles ahead, thats where I talked to the guy when he came pulling in 5 minutes behind me... Cool old dude on an ancient BMW. as soon as he shut the bike off and sat it on the sidestand gas started running out of the low side carb..

I mentioned the gas puddle to him and he whipped out his trusty Swiss Army Knife and fixed it.. Then I asked him about the engine smoke and he stated the bike has one jug with a scuffed cylinder, its been that way for a long time.. he wasn't worried about, said oil was cheap. :)
I used to use NAPA 15w50 in my past H-D until the cost crept up. Then switched to M1 15w50 by the jug.
I used to use NAPA 15w50 in my past H-D until the cost crept up. Then switched to M1 15w50 by the jug.
I used that too, but it disappeared from the shelves at walliemart
i like 15-50 viscosity for Pa weather, usually real synthetic, but have Maximus semi syn on deck said to be half ester. had Ams 20-50 in my 06 porkster + it cranked too SLOOO to start in low overnight temps 30's in my unheated garage
here is my other Harley at 200, just so you know it can be done.. :) far as I know it is still going, sold it at 217k miles to someone who didn't have alot of money and was despearate for a Harley.

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It absolutely can be done. I rode my cousin's Evo dresser at 249,000 miles, he only ran Rotella oil and HD filters, and I doubt if the engine ever saw 4,000 rpm. He changed oil and filter ahead of schedule, spark plugs on schedule, and tires as needed, as far as I know, no other maintenance or repair. He got it past 260,000 before he pulled it apart to repair a broken pawl spring.
I had a 1972 Moto Guzzi motorcycle with a Big Bore Kit and I use mobile one 1550 synthetic the whole time I had it and I stopped counting when the mileage went over 350,000 miles yes that is correct $350,000 Mi a motorcycle is still on the road I was doing a lot of commuting at the time so the mileage added up to about 15,000 miles a year just to and from work it doesn't include trips pleasure riding Etc


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