Old Delco PF53 (Made in England) Cut Open (Pics)

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Jun 5, 2013
Wisconsin USA
This filter was purchased for a car I no longer maintain and was sitting on my shelf for about 14 years when I realized it would fit the 14hp Kohler on my lawn tractor. You can see "Made in England" on the bottom of the label. I ran it in the tractor for a season (M1 10w-30) during a summer several years ago when I didn't have to mow too often. I can't estimate the hours in service on this filter, but it is low. I should have kept it in service for another year. It looks like the nitrile ADBV creates a seal against the bottom of the filter media. There was no adhesive attaching the ADBV to the filter media, or anywhere on the bottom of the media, but you can see the witness marks where the media pressed into the ADBV. The top and bottom edges of the pleats are sealed and the seam is glued. The media seems like decent quality heavy paper.
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Excellent looking filter! Was the ADBV pliable? And did it work when you tilted the filter upside down? Seems like a design I could appreciate wink
The ADBV was quite stiff, but this filter is probably 16 years old now (14 years on the shelf, used 2 summers ago, and sitting in the used condition since then). It did retain the oil, because I think it seems to have stiffened in the closed position.
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