Old Colman Presidental II furnace poly filters

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Jun 25, 2014
Is there anyway I can upgrade to a paper filter?

The "cut to fit" fiberglass sheet slides into the front panel on the back side of pannel, and is held in with a wire cage.

I hate fiberglass, VERY poor filtration. But if I had a 1" thick dimension pleated paper filter, I could put it in, but I am concerned about restricting airflow.
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You could try a synthetic hog hair cut to fit filter. It is about 1/2" thick, filters a bit better than fiberglass and is washable. Would that fit? Also, there are filter sprays that apply a tacky coating to the fibers of the cheap filters that improve their efficiency substantially. I have used them in the past.

Hey DBMaster, thanks for leading me into the right direction.

I'm going to purchase some Lennox "hammock" filter material. It is coated with a film of viscosine adhesive.

Viscosine filter adhesives are viscous substances applied to various types of air filters to increase arrestance and dust holding capacity.

We have used Walmart/Ace branded cut-to-fit fiberglass, without any "filter chargers", and the furnace has the hammock mounting style filters. Hopefully using charged filters will help.
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