Ok what is GC?

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Dec 4, 2004
Lexington, KY
I was at autozone and I saw a 5w40 synthetic(??) Castrol oil. It said made in Belgium. Is this the "green" GC everyone is talking about? The front of the bottle also stated it seemed to meet every major european manufacturer's requirements. Apparently from some of the posts it seems that "GC" is hard to find. It also appears to some that it is some sort of "magic" oil with properties much better than other oils [Smile] I am interested to see if I should switch from Mobil 1 0w40 to a 5w40. TIA
No, what you found is referred to as "Belgian" Castrol or BC. There is some discussion of it if you do some searching. "German" Castrol (GC) is only available in 0w-30, and only at AutoZone.
Originally posted by Russell: AndyH, Thanks this helps me a lot. Will search for BC
Russell; Be aware that running a search for any oil OTHER than GC will greatly upset the elves...that COULD lead to crashed computer, slower computer, and loss of "elf power" here at BITOG. dont say you havent been warned... darrell sin city
Pscholte should be coming out of the forest any minute now.Pull up a chair and get comfortable, he might have something to say.
What is GC you ask. Next, you will be asking what is the sun. [Eek!] Do a search for Black Forest and you will find the answer. [Big Grin]
Originally posted by Russell: You guys sure are funny. While I appreciate humor, I was hoping for answers. I got answers so funny is ok. [Smile]
Russell, I will try to give you an answer more in keeping with your expectations; however, you must understand that my BITOG colleagues were being as serious as a signpost. The Elixer is a magical potion brewed in the Black Forest by Elves and any reference to such aspects of The Elixer is not light or spoofish. But...I told you I would give an answer more to your expectation so here goes. GC AKA "The Elixer" AKA "The Green" is a fully synthetic motor oil, probably PAO with a healthy dose of esters, which we are CONFIDANT is the same formula as Castrol SLX which until 2002 was sold only outside North America. It was first noticed by one of our members, Dr T , was first tried by one of our moderators/adminstrators, Patman who found it to produce superior UOAs. It became an object of high interest because it was from Germany, had a green tint and, to some, smelled like Gümmi Bären (Gummy Bears). After Patman drew serious attention to this luxurious lubricant, some guy in Colorado discovered it was produced in the Black Forest by Elves...and it began to build a stream of consistently outstanding UOAs. And the rest, as they say, is history. By the way, if you look at the stamping on the bottom you will see a number like M0XXXXXXX; the first number after the zero tells you what year it was bottled. One last thing...Terry Dyson, one of our resident gurus is hosting an enormously high tech test to discover the makeup of this marvelous lubricant, an action which at first upset the Elves but now rather pleases them. Hope that helps. PS Russell, I now ask you a favor. As the Elfemeister it is my privilege to relate the tale of The Green to people who are new to it; however, I am only an honorary Elf and so I get weary with the telling unlike my quiet but eloquent green-garbed friends. Now that you are an initiate, I ask you to respond the next time this question is posed. With understanding comes great responsibility. [ March 16, 2005, 10:31 PM: Message edited by: pscholte ]
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