Ok to mix a quart of GTX HM with GC?

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Sep 22, 2004
New Brunswick
I'm closing in on my 6500 mile OCI with gold GC, and I've got about 1000 miles left. I just put my last bit of GC into the car, so far it's used 1 3/4 quart. I might need another 1/2 quart or less in the next 1000 miles. I don't have any GC left, but I do have 3 quarts of GTX HM 5w30. Would it be morally acceptable to add some GTX HM if I needed it? If you people here find that idea to be a cardinal sin then I suppose I could haul my butt to Walmart and buy another quart of GC if I have to.

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No problem. Use whatever you have on hand to complete your OCI if GC consumption does not slow down after the next OCI I suggest useing an oil that is not so hard on your wallet.
It'll be roughly 261000 kms when I'm due up for my next oil change. The engine has some piston slap (quite loud when cold) but I don't really think it's burning the oil, I think it's just leaking out somewhere. I can see some oil looks like its seeping onto my exhaust manifold. I work the engine pretty hard sometimes and I never see blue smoke. I think I'll just go with a high mileage oil for my next OCI. Think I could get 6500 miles out of something like Maxlife?
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