Ok, my dad doesn't believe me when i told him...

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May 28, 2003
chicago burbs
That his #1 oil to use (pennzoil synthetic) is not a 100% synthetic oil??

Can someone explain why his pennzoil is not fully synthetic and what oils are 100% with no dino base at all?

i would appreciate it
This offers some info about Group III oils:

Here's info about how Group III petroleum base oil got the right to be called "fully synthetic."

So, now, we can debate whether or not GR-III oil is indeed synthetic. It is good stuff, probably not as good as "true" synthetics made from Group IV and/or Group V base oils, and not worth what's being charged.

Mobil 1 is the only over-the-counter oil made from Group IV (PAO--polyalphaolifin) plus some Group V (ester) base oils. Amsoil (excluding their XL-7500 line), Redline, Royal Purple, (what else?) are also "true" synthetics.

Ken-you forgot to post the other link about how Group III's got to be called Synthetic.

trey-His Pennzoil is a Group III oil that takes Petroleum products and "rearranges" the molecules to form a much more stable oil-the molecular structures are much more uniform than conventional oil.. It is a cheaper process and yet they charge as much as Mobil 1. Mobil I is a Group IV (PAO-Polyalphaolefin) it is made by starting with a gas (ethylene) and the uniform molecules are "knit" together to form perfectly uniform molecules optimized for lubrication. They are more uniform than the Group III. The PAO can withstand more abuse without "breaking down" than a group III. It is better able to withstand lower temperatures than the Group III. Additives make the Group III "almost" as good as the PAO but not as good. The Group III in general can't go extended drain intervals as well as Group IV.

The big problem is: You are paying just as much for a cheaper product. But Pennzoil is happy because their product margin is much better.

To answer the question about your dad: This is not a slam on him- Many folks are reluctant to change their opinions once they have gone to the trouble of reaching them. Ask him to read this board- I'm guessing he won't. You have your answer on your dad. He is not interested in changing his mind.
Don't waste your time trying. I have tried unsuccessfully for years trying to get other folks to switch oils. I came to my senses and gave up
Hey thank you very much guys! I showed my dad all these comments and he totally understands now. He's now going with mobil 1,

that was too easy. He just didn't want to listen ot me ahah
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