Oils For Winter and #132 additive

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Dec 19, 2002
My 2 vehicles are a 99 chrysler minivan with pushrod 3.3 and a 90 integra with 1.8 dohc. The minivan has M1 10w30 with #132 added and is ready to change out. Gets 2 changes a year, one in fall, one in spring. Analysis will follow. I know Molakule has had success with this mix with LC. Currently have no LC to put in. Integra is running Schaeffers 10w30. Skipped a UOA on last run-one will be done in about 1 month. Almost out of Schaeffers. Question is with M1 5w30 with #132. I recall seeing a thread where Terry had said this is good with the M1 10w30 but has some opposite effects? with the 5w30. I was going to run M1 5w30 definitely in the van for Chicago winter and going to add #132. Now having second thoughts. Will 10w30 be safe in Chicago winter with the 132 or is it just as effective to add this stuff to the 5w30? Was considering the same 5w30 brew in the Integra, but don't know due to above reason. This car slaps a bit on cold starts but runs just fine. I may also try GC 0w30. I recall Bror saying that the only thing that ever helped the notorious Honda cold weather slap was Redline, but I thought that the thicker GC may do well also. Thoughts? I am sorta concerned on the #132 thing with the 5w30. Thanks.
For Chicago and northward, I'd stick with the 5W30 for winter without the #132.. [ October 13, 2003, 02:28 PM: Message edited by: MolaKule ]
Gentleman, Last winter I used 1 change of M1 10w30 in my Toyota v8 with no starting issues.We really had a mild winter though.I used 10w30 be cause Toyotas are oil munchers and the cold specs I think was close to 5w30.This year 5w30 Scheaffers. RichR [ October 13, 2003, 04:54 PM: Message edited by: RichR ]
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