oils, filters and testing oils for my rigs

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Sep 17, 2003
My questions relate to the following cars and I would appreciate any tips which could aid in health and longevity of the motors in question. 1. I have a 91 Toyota Oddessy Motor home. New engine with 3000 miles. I changed the oil at 500, and used Castrol 10-30. It used 4 qts the next 1500 miles. The warranty is unlimited miles and 3yrs . Chrome Moly rings were installed. What would you advise on oil,type, filters, and oil testing on this rig? The engine rebuilder said that it could take another 2000-10,000 for the rings to seat? Make sense of??? The unit has 62000 on the coach. Thanks Much..KD
Low speed, high load... In this type of application, I believe the use of a thicker oil is justified. Personally, I'm a fan of the 15w-40's, and that's what I'd recommend to you in an application like this. Delvac 1300 Delo 400 Pennz. Long-Life If you want to use synthetics, I believe a thick 30-weight or 40 weight would be best.
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