Oils' evaluation from Exclusive Motosports in Melbourne

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Thnaks for the report, but, how old is this article and it appears the author is "unknown". Also what version of Mobil 1 are they using? The actual test procedure is pretty vague, but it does seem like it is bench tested, in some tests by a timken machine. How this relates to real world is debatable. Just my 2c worth. Whilst the tests are interesting, not sure what they actaully tell you.
I have exchanged emails with this Author a while back. He curretly works for Mobil, designing oils for F1 cars and the like. The Mobil 1 that was used was the TriSynthetic version.
Theguru, If to be based on dates when Castrol and Elf launched their 0W-40 grades and how they name Elf oils, I would guess this evaluation was made between 2001 and 2003. Then, most probably it was tri-synthetic version of Mobil1 0W-40. As for an unknown author, I suppose they could do it expressly in order to avoid usual claims from manufacturers. Really it would be better to get pure values instead of their rating. And if only somebody from Melbourne could find a possibility to contact Exclusive Motosports and get more info about these tests !
Leo, Given your reference, this evaluation should be quite reliable. Have you managed to get some details ?
Leo, I gather the author is to be found on another local BB. The difficulty I have is what do these numbers mean. Is a 9 slightly better than a 8, or much better? And does a 5 mean it is rubbish? Handy would be cost/ benefit ratio. I gather some of these oils are purely race oils and probably very expensive and hard to obtain. Can't say I've seen some of these oils at all and the report was done in my hometown.
Read the article fully. As author says dont just look at the rankings. Look at the relevant score for each test in relation to intended application. GC last in it's section is kinda interesting though.
Really the rankings are irrelevant as we don't know what weightings are used or formula. From my quick calcaultions it look like he just added the columns together to get a score and ranked them that way. Hardly statistical analysis. The guy may be great at oil analysis/ formulation, statistics, don't know. As the author said depends on application and we don't know what application these rankings are for. Again interesting but what does it actually tell you?
The reason he didnt give hard numbers is because he didnt want to give too many details away ie protecting his research. It was never meant for commercial value, but rather for a thesis he did. He can be found on my hometown forum www.nissansilvia.com under the username 'rjhug1'. He is also on Performance Forums. What I found most interesting is tho he reckons Redline isnt as good as they claim, after putting it through its paces. Here's is a post that explains his credidentials and whatnot; http://www.pandablue.com/nissansilvia/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=16801&KW=rjhug1&TPN=2 [ January 16, 2004, 01:31 AM: Message edited by: Leo ]
Thats the point. All this testing and in real life most would say Redline is probably one of the best, they just don't wish to pay the price. IMHO
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