oils at AAP(Shell)

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
went to Advance auto parts to see if they have any Chevron or Havoline HM oils; nothing. Just dino/syn/syn.blend Havolin, and no Chevron at all. I remember reading a post about Shell oils here, and somebody said they've never found Shell oils anywhere; well, AdvanceAP had Shell dino 5/30 and 10/30 in 2 different styles of bottles: the black ones just said ASE 5/30 or 10/30; the other bottles said "clean engine formula"....(?) Are Shell oild any good? very little info here about these oils. My brother, who lives in Sri Lanka(Ceylon), says he can get Shell Helix Ultra syn.5w/40 for about US$ 7.00 a qt, and the 15w/50 syn.blend for about 4 bucks a qt., and all the "Remula" line of HDEO oils are there, too. I wonder why those oils are available in a lot of Asian countries, esp. SE Asia, although they're hard to find here??? ...wondering if I should let him send me some..?(not really) [Wink]
Oil varries by location. You can't find Shell or Chevron around here. No Syncromesh fluid either. -T
There are uoa's and voa's on this site if you do a search. Shell 5-30 and 10-30 dino looks pretty ho-hum to me. Definitely not in the same league with their HDEO's and Syns. I'd probably just get Wally's Supertech instead.
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