Oil Well drain pan--still available?

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Apr 1, 2006
Some years ago I had a drain pan by this brand name. It was a flat plastic pan with 2 fittings that would accept 2-liter soft drink bottles. It also had a fold-out wire support, like the handle on a bucket but rectangular. When it was in use, it rested on the wire support at one end and on the bottles at the other. I really liked it because when it wasn't in use, it was more compact than a conventional drain pan, and carrying the (capped) bottles to the FLAPS for recycling was easier than carrying a regular drain pan. Unfortunately, it went missing somewhere along the line. Does anyone know if they still make these and where I could get one? I remember that "Gastonia, N.C." (presumably where it was made) was molded into the plastic. Thanks.
I would walk the bottles over to my local FLAPS 3 blocks away right after changing the oil, so the bottles didn't have to stand up to hot oil for very long. 4 years later, I haven't been able to find another one of these!
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