oil weight for temperature.

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Nov 28, 2002
plano texas
I live in texas and I want to know at what temperature is it ok to use 15w-40 weight oil? it gets above 60-70 consistantly in april around here. I am using castrol gtx dino oil after my 5-600 mile run of auto rx and after a thousand or so miles I will use the schaffers but need to know whats best to order, the 10 30 or the 15 40
You could use either. I guess it depends on how hard you run your vehicle. It also depends perhaps on what engine. (What vehicle are we talking here?-someone may have experience with the engine) For instance big engine possibly with lower rpm's and heavily loaded in very hot weather screams for the heavier weight. A smaller, high reving japanese type (for want of better words) might do better with a 30 weight. The Shaefer experts will probably steer you in a better direction. I just answered 'cause I'm bored. [Big Grin] just food for thought-you'll get better answerers. Al
I spoke with Terry a few weeks ago, & told him I was strongly considering switching to the Schaeffer 15w40(from the schaeffer 10w30) around May or June, when the weather got hot again(I live in NE Texas too!). He didn't recommend it for my car, a small 2.0 L DOHC 4-cyl with a 7000 rpm redline. Depending on what you drive, his advice might be different for you. A full size, pushrod engine, in Dallas area traffic, I'd think the 15w40 might be a very good thing. It just depends.
I drive, like my name suggests, a 94 Firebird formula, but who knows or cares what the difference between a trans am and formula is if your not into F-bodys anyways? Its a 350cu small block and so its a big engine I guess if your comparing it to the japanese cars and for the most part its driven hard, depends on my mood... Patman would probably know since he drives the same thing, but if anyone else does please coment! Thanks.
I think you are totally safe running the Schaeffer 15w40 in Texas all year round. If you look at the cold weather specs on the Schaeffer 15w40 it will flow very well at temps that are way colder than Texas will ever see. Besides, I've heard on here that Schaeffer 15w40 could actually qualify as a 10w40, that's how well it flows in the cold.
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