Oil testing in Canada?

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Sep 26, 2002
I have to say, browsing this site for the past few days sure is interesting.

Anyways, was wondering if anyone had any names of places that do oil testing in Canada or even in the Vancouver, BC area.

What would testing cost approx? Too bad I didn't have any connections in the oil industry labs.

I have a vacuum oven available to use - it only goes up to 120 degrees C (and full vacuum) though, it that hot enough? Would doing my own total solids show me anything , if the oven was suitable?

Thx for all the info so far everyone!
I've heard a few guys say they get their testing done by Cat equipment dealers, usually one of those in every medium sized town in Canada. Ive been meaning to call up the one in my hometown, may be worthwhile, and easier than sending it off in the mail.
I looked around up here and couldn't find too much, and the ones I did find didn't seem to offer anywhere near the kind of service that Terry Dyson does. I'd rather send my sample further away to Terry and spend a little bit more, to know I'm getting the best service possible.
Patman's recommendation is high quality. I have not dealt with Terry yet (I'm more afraid of losing my sample like Patman did than anything else), but consensus from board members - especially Patman - have been extremely happy when dealing with Terry. Hewitt/CAT are very close to my area, and have been adequate so far for my standards. If you want some results in Hewitt/CAT's tests, look up my username in the Used Oil and Virgin Analysis forums.

Good luck,

Oz, my sample didn't get lost after all, it just took a little longer to arrive since I sent it via ground. Next time I will spend more money and send my sample via Priority Post.

See the oil analysis section for my latest results.
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