oil temperature in a small block engine during high revs?

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Apr 12, 2003
i have an acura rsx. does anyone have any technical info regarding the typical oil temperature in an rsx engine during high rev operation? thanks.
I'm to lazy to look right now
. But if you do a search in this section there was a thread dealing with oil temperatures. I remember posting some typical peak temperatures in the ring area which were the highest. I doubt they vary a whole lot from vehicle to vehicle. Hopefully someone can help more.
well it all depends where you measure the temps and during what driving conditions. Typical city driving conditions , sump temperatures would be well under 200 degrees, probably in the 120-160 range. At a track running WOT max revs lap after lap, temps can get into the high 200's.

I've got an 02 Civic SiR - base k20 engine, I can get a rough estimate of oil temps using a heat gun shining on the oil filter and oil pan. I've taken some readings before but I cant remember the exact numbers, if I get a chance I'll try to take some more readings once again.
thank you very much, everyone. i was looking for the hottest temps the oil has to deal with. i'm wondering because i've been reading the labels of mobil 1's 5w and 0w-30 oils. each says it protects in temps of 400F. so, i was only wondering about the max temps in my rsx.
just a correction, while leafing through my shop manual it lists normal operating oil temperature as 176 degrees - 2002 k20a3 engine.

The highest temps you would see in normal street driving would probably be in the low 200 degree range, rising to high 200 degrees if running hard at a track. That's my best estimate. Its safe to say the temps would be far below what would be listed on Mobil1's label or spec sheet. However like Al mentioned, internally, rings and other engine parts could see much higher temps than what is measured at the sump. Some engine parts could get close to 400 degrees I would think.
In my Passat VR6, normal driving in the summer is around 200-210* and I've seen 240's when on the highway in the 90*+ weather. The guy at the track have seen 280+ but run synthetic xw-40/50 vis. I did notice that when I went from a 10w-30 to a 10w-40, me oil temps went up 10* across the board. The oil temps need to be in the 170*+ range to be effective, so almost all street cars will run at least that under normal driving.
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