Oil sump size and OCI

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Jan 21, 2003
Elizabeth City NC
WOW! I thought my sump was small as it takes 4 quarts with the filter. I would 2nd the recomendation on synthetic and 4000 miles changes then do an oil analysis. You can probably go more miles but an oil analysis will tell you how you are doing.
3 quarts? What vehicle/engine did you get? Sounds like a Sentra QG18de. Stick with the severe maintenance plan and use the QR25 oil filter. I wonder how much money Nissan is saving with puny filters and pathetic oil pan quantities. In my driveway: 2000 3.3L Nissan Xterra---3.5 quarts ~60k miles 1991 3.0L Eagle Premier---6 quarts ~200k+ miles Anyone wanna guess which one runs and sounds better?
Al, It's time to use my oil change interval (OCI) formula ... [Wink] OCI = (C*)(average mpg)(sump size in qts)(cubic inches/Hp) C* = 40 for a petroleum oil C* = 80 for Mobil 1 (Note: C* is an empirically derived constant) Let's see what we get for a baseline drain interval for a petroleum oil: average mpg = 33 (est) sump = 2.875 qts cubic inches = 110 Hp = 120? (probably close) OCI = (40)(33)(2.875)(110/120) = 3479 miles With Mobil 1, you should be able to double that interval and go approx 7000 miles .... [Big Grin] [ April 01, 2003, 06:50 PM: Message edited by: TooSlick ]
I just bought a new car (03 Nissan) that requires 2 7/8 quarts when the oil AND filter are changed. [freaknout] Nissan recommends 3750 for severe and 7500 for normal. I'm thinking of sticking closer to 3750 number because of the smaller oil capacity. Any thoughts? I guess I should look on the bright side....3 quarts of M1 won't make an oil change that expensive!
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