Oil sampling pump

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I already have one, and they work great. Though I wish I had one with the needle port. Mine just has the hose at the top.

Best way to take a sample, keeps it from getting contaminated
Yes. Here's a pic of mine with a Schaeffer sample bottle attached. (no comments allowed on the rug pattern)

Anybody tried a vacuum pump (MityVac or similar)? I was thinking of placing the sample bottle inside the fluid jar (the one supplied for capturing brake fluid) & running a short length of hose into the sample bottle. Assuming the the parts all fit together, is there any reason to use something different?
I'm sure you could make it work. There are many ways but for me it comes down to finding a way you'll want to use consistently. I once used a shop-vac. Sealed between the vacuum hose and oil line by hand until oil reached the fender, then let it siphon into the pan until I thought it cleared enough to sample. Used too much sample hose, was slow, and I thought it a touch too hillbilly.
Tried making my own sample gun but it made a mess. Ordered the one through Bob and now it's easy.
Will that pump fit the bottles from Schaeffer's Lab? Sure looks like it would. Does Easyvac sell directly to individuals?

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I picked up a sampling gun from Bob for ~$15. Seems very similar. I know Bob posted pics here before but they elude me for the moment.
Does the one from Bob have that same feature, where the sampling hose goes directly into the sample bottle? If so, maybe I should just get one from Tim. Now, I have to drain the oil to get a sample.

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You can order one of these through any Amsoil dealer for $24.50. The pump comes with 10' of high temp hose and you can get extra hose in 25' lengths.

I've had one of these for years and they work very well. I find it easier to use than taking off the belly pan you find on many modern vehicles in order to get a sample from the drainplug.

I tried four different ways of extracting oil through the dipstick tube and none of them worked. Granted, this specific one was not among the four, but I don't think I'll be throwing any more money at the problem.

Cheers, 3M-BuysDrainBoltsByTheBag-P
3MP, I had tried some reasonably stupid methods before buying the gun. It was about $15 with my Schaeffer order, and now the process is stupid-simple. The 1/4" poly tubing is ~9cents/ft at a local ace hardware.
I've used the Vampire pump (the pump shown in the photos above) many, many times on the job, and it's worked well every time. This has been through lots of dipstick tubes...Cat diesels, Westerbeke/Perkins diesels, ALCO diesels, hydraulic systems, gear boxes, my cars, etc.

Where do you guys get extra tubes? Amsoil sells theirs for $11 per 25 ft which is kind of expensive. Does Home Depot have it? If so, which department carries it? Thanks.
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