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Dec 20, 2005
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i dont know if this thread is cool here or if it should be in the other forum, but whatever

anyways, who here keeps a written record of every oil change or other maint. procedure??

just curious i guess. i write down the mileage changed at and oil/filter combo used. anybody else do this? anyone keep reciepts of oil/filters used? j/w

I have a copy on computer of ALL maintence when and what NO oil changes per se but things like trans oil and filter change I put om MS word thing. helps if I want to know last time plugs were chnaged or filters. Keep all recipts since Auto zone has a life time warranty on some stuff In the past i only bought 1 pair of brakes pads and then when worn brought back for "warranty" replacement.

I have a notebook in which I keep records of all work I've done on my car. It's so handy to just look up what part I used 60,000 miles ago, or to be able to reference the exact mileage I performed a service at. I plan on having such a notebook for every car I ever own.
I keep all receipts and put them in a separate letter-sized envelope for each oil change, marking date, mileage etc. Same for air filter changes, tranny fluid, etc.

I keep an excel spreadsheet of all this as well.

I keep the same records updated on the manuf's customers' website too.

I took photos of the first tire rotation I did as proof it was done (AWD vehicle).
I track all my maintenance in Excel. It's nice to be able to go back and look at all you've done. Definitely worth doing in my opinion.
I list all my maintenance in a simple little .txt file. Sometimes, I'll snap a picture of the new oil & my oil change supplies before the oil change.

As often as I have the hood up on my cars , I'm sure my neighbors think my wife & I are driving heaps of junk. My neighbors are not DIY types......they don't understand.
I started doing this way back in 1983 with a Mazda Pickup. I would record "Date", "Mileage", "Service Peformed" in a spiral bound notebook. When computers came along that was converted to an MS-DOS Works program. I kept all receipts in a notebook. AND...I purchased the FSM, cut the binding, 3 hole punched it, and put it in a notebook.

Fast forward to today. All service is now on an Excel spreadsheet in same essential format I started 20 years ago. For my Kia Sportage I managed to get a full factory FSM before Kia decided to stop making them available to the general public. That FSM is in a notebook PLUS I spent a month scanning the entire FSM into the computer in PDF format. I did the same for the 2004 Civic although I still need to purchase the shop manual, but I have the electrical manual. I just recently inherited a 2003 Taurus from my beautiful bride but I haven't purchased the FSM's yet. We're thinking about trading it in anyway. But all service I perform is on an Excel spreadsheet.

Yea, call me anal. Don't care.
I keep track of gas mileage, maintenance, and repairs in a database on my pda.
Yes... and I keep it simple. Date / mileage / service performed, only for items that are time/mileage sensitive.

This includes fluids, filters, suspension, and other wear items. Through the entire life of a car it'll be no longer than 3 pages. I don't include detail like oil type.

This log was once key to the buyer when I was selling a car.
I refuse to be held hostage to stealership service pricing for who-knows-what kind of oil squirted under pressure from a drum by oil-change monkeys who believe an impact wrench set to 120 lbs. is the only acceptable means to torque the drain plug. Per my car's warranty supplement booklet, I maintain a handwritten log of all service I perform and keep the receipts for materials. With at least some documentation as evidence of timely servicing, the manufacuturer is hardpressed to deny honoring the powertrain warranty in the event of a rare, but possible, oil-related failure. The manufacturer would have to take me to court to prove fraud on my part. The courts have sided with owners who produced documentation in the form of receipts and logged entries. Toyota owners who suffered failed "skudgemonster" motors, and who had evidence of routine oil changes, were darned glad they did.
I keep a little logbook in the glove box, and a computer spreadsheet that gets backed up along with pictures of my kid, quicken records etc.

Ironically the one who turned me on to the logbook idea was my stepdad, who is about as non-BITOG as can be. He might even have attached a pencil to it with a piece of twine.
+1 on keeping both organized paper records and having them all in an electronic form.

I use a hybrid method of EdT's, I keep yearly maintenance and fuel receipts in one large envelope, then all of the envelopes for the same vehicle go into a plastic bag [so far there's only two plastic bags]. I don't know yet if I'll keep the plastic bags once the car is gone...

I also enter all of the data into an Excel spreadsheet with date/work performed/cost, and the fuel receipts/economy portion of it goes online in case anyone wants a real-world example of the vehicle's fuel economy.
I do 2 things. First, I fill out the spaces in the service section of our cars' manuals like Ray H is talking about. Second, I have a file for each vehicle we have. Into each file goes all records for the car it corresponds to (well, insurance records go in the adjacent insurance file), including the detachable flap of the oil filter box that all Purolators have. They're perforated for easy removal, and have spaces for make, engine, date, and mileage. I think that between these two no one would reasonably be able to claim I didn't perform the maintenance. It's also useful when/if it comes time to sell the vehicle because I have all the receipts (I don't give the analysis reports away, though
wow, some of you have some pretty elaborite systems.

all of the info about my car that i need to know is up here *points to head* i know when everything has been done on my car. i know i will be screwed if a dealer asks for maintenance records. i tried keeping specific records when i got the car just in case but never kept it going. i have an excel with general mileages. oc every 5000, changed manual trans to amsoil at 13000, spark plugs at 25000, 35000. wires at 35000. tire rotation with every oil change. put in k&n with very low mileage, approx 1000 miles i will clean it at 50000. (all this is off the top of my head.)

i dont keep track of fuel purchases. except this year i have a little thing in quicken along with my other money stuff that i am keeping track how much money is spent in gas, just out of curiosity. with the way i have been that will last til the end of feb or march but then i can approximate money spent on gas.
I use Car Care from carcaresoftware. It keeps track of pretty much everything (even fuel purchases and fuel mileage averages). It creates some really nice reports as well such as Maintenance by Month, by Mileage, by Service Type, Fuel Mileage Averages, etc.

When I sold my Jeep last summer it was a good selling point to be able to hand the prospective buyer a complete, nicely formatted report of all of the maintenance that's ever been done to the vehicle. It was about 6 pages of records. That and the UOA's really helped sell it.
For my A4, I used to keep track of all maintenance, repairs, and modifications in an Excel sheet, and all the service receipts in a dedicated binder.
I maintain a workbook in Excel consisting of a worksheet for each of the cars and outdoor power equipment I maintain (my two cars, parents', sister, brother, mowers, pressure washer, etc.). I log everything - oil changes, tire rotations, transmission fluid changes, mileage. I also list the products I use, such as Havoline 10W-40 or Motorcraft FL-400S as a reference I can check before I go to the parts store.

I don't anticipate it getting me any better trade-in value, but if I decide to sell something like my lawn tractor to an average Joe, I do think it might help convince someone that they are getting a good deal at whatever price I'm asking.

Plus, I find it fun to look at this spreadsheet when I'm bored at work.
I have an excel spreadsheet on every car. I track every item, cost and date including wax & detailing. It tracks mileage on my major items to remind me when work is due.

All major receipts are kept in file folder
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