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Apr 18, 2004
I've got a 2001 toyota V-6. Have run 5-30 dino for 1st 30K miles. Not sure of the specific brands used. Thinking of switching to sythetic oil. Can anyone tell me what the true benefits to full syntheic oil are? Are there any brands better than others? I was thinking of going w/ Mobil 1, mostly because of what I've read her and it is readily available. The other factor to consider is that I just learned that the engine in the toyota may be one of the engines with a defect that is known to have oil sludge problems. So I would like to use an oil that will be less likely to form sludge. Thanks for your insight.
Hi and [Welcome!] . Some of the more knowledgable synthetic guys will be more helpful here, but I'll tell you what I think. The main advantages of a true syn are better cold weather performance (especially well below 0F), extended drain capability and better performance under extreme conditions like towing or an overheated engine. M1 is a fine choice and is readily available. I am a dino guy and feel that in my climate (usually doesn't dip much below 0F in winter) that dino is fine in 3 to 5K intervals.
Which V-6 do you have? Is it the car engine (the semi-infamous 1MZ-FE) or is it the 3.4 truck engine? If you have the 1MZ, particularly from 2001, then you need to watch the thing. No cause for panic, just vigilance. Recent 1MZs have been updated, mooting the sludge issue, but '01s predate the fix. Not every 1MZ will have the problem, and typically, it seems to happen with marginally maintained vehicles, although sometimes apparently, it just happens to the best of them. I had an '01 Highlander (a Camry derivative, not really a truck) with the 1MZ and never had a problem. I've studies the 1MZ sludge issue, being personally interested (I presently own another 1MZ car, though it's got the post-fix engine). Although there are no scientific conclusions I can offer, my take-away this: use slightly over-aggressive maintenance, particularly OCI, and use true synthetic oil. The reason for the OCI is obvious. As to the syn, I'd recommend it for its greater ability to withstand a thermal challenge. Lots of members here have had great results with dino oil, but in an engine that has a proven ability to fry its oil, at least in some circumstances, I choose to stay with the most "fryproof" oils, the syns. I've run Mobil-1 in a variety of Toyotas, and had outstanding results.
Oh yeah, one other thing. A couple years ago, when I still had the Highlander, I cornered my dealership service manager when I first learned of the sludge infamy. Normally he was a talkative, chatty guy, but it was very cleal he didn't want to talk about this. He basically cut me off short saying, "look, if you want to be sure, just use the Mobil-1, change every 3 to 5k or so, and you'll be fine." Yes, this might get a bit pricey over the life of the car, but to me anyway, that's an acceptable price for the insurance factor. Sure, we shouldn't have to do this, but it's just the way things are. . .
I've got the 1MZ-FE in a highander. Generally, oil has been changed 5-7K miles using dino. Had I known about the problem I would have had shorter OCI. I'm not planning on keeping the vehicle for more than a year. I plan on trading it in in the next couple of months. I don't mind putting synthetic in even though I plan on getting rid of it soon, just in case I keep it longer than I plan. Think I'll go with Mobil , maybe a 10-30 weight.
Is there any way to confirm whether I have the poorly designed 1MZ engine? I'd like to know.
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Originally posted by first5ny: Is there any way to confirm whether I have the poorly designed 1MZ engine? I'd like to know.
Amkeer hit the nail on the head. I say that, of course, because my strategy is about the same as his. . . [Wink] If your's is an '01 V-6 Highlander, it's potentially vulnerable. But again, don't panic, if you do the right things, you should be just fine.
I was on toyota's website and couldn't find it. Maybe i didn't look hard enoungh.
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