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Sep 26, 2002
Central Arkansastan
Hello, this is my first post to what I see is an excellent website. I have spent the last 2 days reading up on all the posts and have learned alot but am confused on the following. I have gotten so far that for new car warrenties, stick with the manufactures recommendations. In my case, its a 2002 Elantra, that recommends 10w-30. I currently change oil and filter every 5000 miles, on all my vehicles, been doing this for years and seems like it works for me. I have read into the filter section, and surmised that Mobile One filters are the best on the market for OTC type filters. OK, Got my choice there. As for oil, thats another story. I cannot find any recommendations for a good (preferably synthetic) motor oil, in the 10w-30 weight, that is OTC type. I am not interested in using amsoil or other mail or rep-based oils, I just want something good quality that I can go whenever I need to Autozone or Wally-World and pick it up when I am ready to do the deed. My 1st choice before I found this forum was Mobile One Syn 10w-30, my second was castrol Syntec 10w-30, but have seen on numerous posts things like: 'I used to use these but now I know better', etc. but I have seen nothing as to reasons or proof as to why either of these oils are 'bad'. Can anyone give me the real deal on the OTC oils, and what is the current 'best OTC 10w-30'? Thanx so much in advance, and again, a great site!
Tim H.,

Don't be worried about using Mobil 1, especially with 5K drains. My buddy has been using Mobil 1 oil and filters for 10k drains for years on his lexus and caravan with no apparent ill effects. I would like him to analyze his oil at least once in each vehicle, but that is another story.

What you have on this board, including myself, are some real oil zealots. We spend too much time thinking about and researching what is "the best oil". Some of the folks on this board have special applications and have a use for better oils. You don't seem to fit into that category. Use M1 and forget it.

Me? I just started using Schaeffer blend on my last oil change and will post an analysis in a couple of months. I like it so far and may mail order it until I can't drive anymore. In small quantities its $4/quart (with shipping)and a $250 order is approximately $2.75.


Just spend some some time here reading the posts. I have used Mobil 1 10W-30 for years. Every indication is that the new SuperSyn is better than the TriSyn. Some of us are inclined to go with XXW-40 oils. You can't go wrong with Mobil 1, Shaeffers, or Amsoil. I have done a couple of oil analysis with the 10W-30 on two cars (will be doing lots more). The Mobil 1 will be fine for at least 6K no matter how you drive. After that-oil anylis time. Perhaps you should just go with the Mobil 1 right now and then plan your next move. Definitely go with Mobil 1 vs Syntec (IMHO)
If a OTC oil is wanted I agree,the 10/30 Supersyn is "all that' . I think it will do you very well.I feel running a dino for 5k is putting it on the edge of being dead when removed and don't like pouring new oil into a crankcase with some dead residual oil,the Supersyn will give you some leeway I think?

If Mobil had not come out with the Supersyn oil I would still be using a dino oil in one of our newest 2002 cars.The timing was just right to make this choice,just now broken in and time for PAO synthetic on this engine that is hard on oil. Also,those 5 quart jug specials and ten year shelf life helped in the decision and the fact that family members I have helped in the past treated me to the purchase of a whole bunch it
Until recently, I've always preferred Castrol. I've been using their Syntec for the past 3 to 4 yrs, & was VERY dismayed when I recently found out that their "full synthetic" was a Group III oil & not a true Group IV like Mobil's. At first my feeling was, if they've got the same VI, pour point & flashpoint as everybody else (or close enough, anyway), then why worry about it? Well, the difference seems to be in its durability. I want to feel comfortable with 10k drains (the "standard" drain for my Saab), & now believe that the Group III oils just don't hold up to that. From what I've gathered from this BB & others, I'm most comfortable with either Amsoil or Mobil 1. Since my owner's manual insists on an oil "of a well-known brand" (along with its ACEA-A3/B3 rating), my in-warranty decision (& probably for the life of the car) is Mobil 1. On a side note, my engine runs noticeably quieter after switching from Syntec to M1.

I like you "waller" around in the vats full of info these guys post (I think they finish up early disecting atoms or plotting missle trajectories so then delve in the aspects of viscosities, moly's, and other numbing terms for kicks) but find it helpful. I use a 5K schedule with a Puro 1 filter, but have been using Sam Walton's own SuperTech synthetic which runs me $2.97 qt.

I asked here on how good it is and got a pretty favorable response (but a recommendation not to exceed 5K on the drain interval) After seeing all the info on M1 Super Syn I'll probably give it a try and extend the schedule.


I'd go with the mobil 1, 0w-30 ....I've been running the 0w-30 synthetics for about seven years now am totally satisfied with them. The same protection as a synthetic 5w-30 or 10w-30 but better performance during warmup and about a 2%-3% fuel savings. Oil consumption and oil pressure have been fine as well. No change at all from the Amsoil 10w-30 synthetic I was using for the previous ten years.

You should make use of the latest basestock and additive technology. Most all the latest ACEA "A5/B5" synthetics in Europe are 0w-30 grades
Actually, all of the M1-SuperSyn 30wts are A5/B5 graded, so you're getting that with whichever viscosities keep it in warranty (10yr/100k?).
been using 10-30 m1 in both my 99 elantra and 00 toyota tacoma, use a pur 1 filter on the elantra, and a toy. brand on the tacoma, my hyundai/toyota dealer, recomends either m-1 or toy. brand oil, the parts guy says the u.s. toy. brand filters are pur-1 filters. i change at 5000k give or take a cpl hundred, i put 100 miles a day on the elantra and 35 miles a day on the toy. i feel like iam doing the right thing, but sometimes i wonder, my dad changes oil twice a yr, k-mart brand oil and filter 150 k on his nissan 4 cyl trk. and no probs, either hes just lucky or iam wasting alot of money
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