Oil recommendation for GM 3.6 (LY7) in Lambda

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Jun 25, 2009
Hello. I have a new to me 2008 Saturn Outlook with 25k miles. I tend to drive only about 9k miles/year and live in a warm/dry/dusty climate (AZ). I wanted to see if anyone has any general recommendations on oil type and OCI. I just did my first oil change and put in PP 5W-30. My inclination was to use 10W-30 due to the warm climate, but since the manual says only 5W-30 I was afraid to deviate. I went with synthetic because I've read about some troubling UOA's on these engines. Generally I like to use a 5k mile OCI on my vehicles, and I'm inclined to follow that here rather than listening to the OLM. The previous owner said he did 5k mile OCI, just changed at the dealer or an lube shop so I'm sure it was dino.

I found some posts here recommending short OCI with cheap oil for this engine, but I'm not clear on why.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or recommendations. Thanks!
with PP only $20 bucks for 5 qt jug at wal-mart why not keep using it???? it's a fine oil that will do 5,000+ easily and 5w30 will protect well in your AZ heat,just keep doing what your doing you got a great oil there.

My wife drives a Caddy SRX with the 3.6 and I just changed oil to GC 0w30. It's running nice on it. I have some PP I'll likely run next in it unless GC goes on sale.
I have the same truck and have always used with M1 5w30 or M1 EP 5w30 with a M1 filter. I am switching to PP on my next change. The OLM is pretty good in that truck so you could stick with it. I always have
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