Oil Recommendation for 1965 Maserati Sebring (I6 w/Lucas Injection)

Jul 17, 2021
Does anyone have a type/viscosity recommendation for a 1965 Maserati Sebring w/Tipo AM101, Lucas injected I6? I’m not sure about the cars service history, but the climate is Central California.

Thank you!
actual spec sheet


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Good find, 2EHA, though it doesn't change the appropriateness of what's been suggested so far. I'm confident that any modern 50w oil is going to be superior to any sort of 60's Italian racing oil brands which would have still used Group I solvent refined base stocks and ancient technology in terms of additive packs.
yes, but no VII with the associated lower HTHS, so maybe a 5W-50 is a bad idea though on the other hand the car likely isn't run hard anymore...
15W-40 in either Delo/Delvac/Rotella flavors or the “classic” high-zinc 20W-50s such as Castrol GTX Classic or Kendall GT-1 Performance. M1 15W-50 wouldn’t be a bad choice either.