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Jul 15, 2003
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Hello everyone this is my first post on this board. I need some advice. I have an 02 Taurus with the Vulcan engine. Its a slow reving low rpm torque engine. It has 19,000 miles had it since new. Should I use the Ford 5w 20w or go with something else? I live in south fla. Its HOT!!. I change it every 2500 miles. I have no problem going with a synthetic and letting it stay in longer. What do you guys think?
i take it that this 'Vulcan' engine is the 24valve V6 Ford engine and not the SHO Yamaha designed engine-right? anyways, since its a DOHC engine & not a pushrod V6, itll beat up on ht eoil a little more so than otherwise and i would have NO issues running say the german castrol syntec 0w-30 or perhaps even M1 0w-40. OTOH, most new car owners that have engines requiring a 5w-20 oil are petrified of having their warranties voided out for using a(n) Xw-40 oil and since i dont know you, ill assume you too are worried as well. (mind you theres nothing wrong with this. a car is a BIG purchase) For these people id recommend using either a low syn. 0w-30 oil like, M1 0w-30 or if you can find it, M1 0w-20. both would be fine for your app but, in hot southern climates (like i live in.) an ACEA A3 oil IMHO, is a must for one to use. Again, just MHO. In short, welcome to our little corner of the web, grab a quart of oil, gently swish around and sniff.... ps. oh yeah, definetely use a syn oil for sure. Or, you can use the Motorcraft 5w-20 or Conoco hydroclear 5w-20 oil and go 3500 or so miles on it too.
I think Vulcan is the ancient 12V pushrod V-6. The modern 24V V-6 is called Duratec. As far as oil recommendation, until warranty expires you should use only what's specified in your owner's manual. After that, I would think that Motorcraft 10W-40 would be the logical choice in Florida.
The 5W-20's have been getting pretty good UOA's around here lately. They are getting better. The Pennz. version has been really good, lots of additives and stuff in it. It also has the blessing from Ford and Honda.
Thanks for the quick reply. The vulcan is the 12v pushrod motor. Its an old design but I understand that they run forever ( it has to last until retirement in 5 years )
Originally posted by kilo77: Thanks for the quick reply. The vulcan is the 12v pushrod motor. Its an old design but I understand that they run forever ( it has to last until retirement in 5 years )
Oh they last pretty long. Unless you give one to me.
Kilo77, Am running the 95 version of this motor (~100K miles on the clock). It does well with synthetic, at least the version I have. Let me be clear, I have not done any UOAs, so the confidence I expressed above is based solely on how it runs, how it sounds, and oil consumption. I would follow the owner's manual viscosity recommendation as long as you are in warranty (unless you can get the dealer to OK [I'd want it in writing] M1 0w40 or Amsoil/German Castrol 0W30 which is what I would want to use in sunny south Florida) (the SYNTHETIC 0W20 from Mobil might be OK but I am still getting used to the idea of running a 20W year round, even if synthetic). From personal experience with a Vulcan that has lots of miles on it, the 0W has generated 0 problems. You could also run M1 5W30 (if dealer OKs, but it is not one of my favorite oils). [ July 17, 2003, 03:32 PM: Message edited by: pscholte ]
Originally posted by kilo77: Please pardon my ignorance this oil talk is new to me. Whats a UOA ???
Kilo77, [Welcome!] A UOA is "Used Oil Analysis". Basically you want to collect a sample of oil you've just drained and send it in for analysis. The result of the test will tell you whether the oil and oil change interval you've just done is good or if it causes wear on your engine. Please visit the UOA section to find out more. Good luck! [Smile]
If you want the car to last five years make sure you change tranny fluid according to the severe use schedule. The engine will survive regardless, 2.5k mile changes is totally unnecessary.
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