Oil questions for a track car

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Jul 10, 2003
I've been searching the forum and I have a couple of questions. First the facts:

I have a civic with a b16 that is my track car. It is my daily driver (for now) including to and from events. I change the oil before every track day and this time I will be using Redline 10w-40.

Outside temps at the track will be in the 90+ range (I'm in TX). Engine will see 8500 rpms and will be above 6000 rpms most of the time. The car will see 1.5-2hrs of track time.

I'm convinced that until it becomes a full time track car the Redline street stuff is what I need. Event then it will be awhile before I get a tow rig so the car will still be driven to and from the track. I'm not a fan of Mobil 1 due to it's consumtion rate but this is the first time I am using Redline.

I usually run Castrol GTX dino 10w-30 or 5w-30 and change it before and after every track day, sometimes going for a week after the event before it's changed.

Honda recommends a 5w-30. Should I use the 10w-30 Redline instead of the 10w-40?

I have another track day in on Aug 2 that is ~280 miles away. I have another car I can daily drive, will I be ok to keep the Redline in for the next track day If I keep the inbetween miles to a minumum?

Anybody have any suggestions for my situation?

redline is a good choice for this use, the weight is fine as well. you are changing oil way more than is necessary. the redline will not break down in your use, and could be used for many track days depending on the miles between each.
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