Oil prices up at W*M

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Nov 3, 2002
It looks like most oils are up in their 1q packages.

I paid $1.42 for Chevron Supreme, Havoline was up too, like $1.58. SUPERTECH was $1.07. 5q jugs were mostly the same prices though. Oil stockers should take note. ST Syn was still $11.88, a steal, imo as well as M1 T&S at $19.99/5q. I might grab some cheap stuff while it's cheap.
My favorite incompetent walmart has reprogrammed the registers but left the old shelf tags up, AGAIN!

With their $3 price guarantee, I got some store brand oil in the 5 qt jug effectively for $1.68.

Knowing this store, this will continue for weeks. It's a mile out of my way home from work so I'm not wasting too much gas or vehicle wear for this deal.

BITOGers can "guarantee" a bad price before checkout with those wall-mounted bar code scanner thingies.

Walmart corporate take note: It's store #1788 in Scarboro ME.
Yes new additives systems and higher quality base stocks. Also the cost of base stock, all additives, plastic bottles, shipping costs etc. All up this year base oil alone up perhaps 50 cents per gallon about 20%.
The GF-4 Formula Shell at Costco is cheaper than the Mobil Drive Clean which preceded it. MDC was about $14.50 per case, Formula Shell is about $12.99 per case.
is it possible that my oil shrine has appreciated in value? wow! better returns than my index fund.

Originally posted by Ken4:
Why is it I cant find a Walmart in Los Angeles?

Why would you want to? If youve been to a Super Kmart, it is basically the same kind of junky, cheap store. Costco is more fun. Anyway, they are slowly creeping in. Lakewood and Gardena have them, Sam's Club stores are more common. Sam Walton always insisted on owning the building and land, never rent or lease stores. With incredibly high real estate prices, Wall Mart is having trouble getting into urban areas like LA and NY.
Apparantly the grocery unions are keeping walmarts out of southern CA. Locals probably know more about it. There was a huge zoning/court fight in the not too distant past about the whole thing that made national news.

Groucho, go grab a bottle and self-scan it. Might find a discrepancy you can cash in on.
I have noticed no change in the 3 Wal-Marts I have been to in the past week. I actually just go 8 qts of Mobil EP 15w-50 for $4.27/qt (regular Mobil 1 15w-50 was $4.77, go figure) at one of them. I have no idea what I am going to do with them though, but at $1 off, why not. Maybe exchange it at AZ for GC or some 10w-30?
Yep...I was there yesterday John and I noticed it. Also noticed that M1 EP was the same price.


The jig is up at my mismanaged wally's. Incidentally their sign outside has been screwed up for a while. Who's Les?
This is not a photochop, I swear.

I grabbed a 5 qt jug of supertech that had a shelf sticker of $4.68 and checked out, getting charged $4.97. Promptly saw customer service. First CSM promised to price check, walked away, and never came back! Second CSM telephoned automotive and they gave the $4.97 price. I was starting to get steamed but thanked the lady nicely and walked out to put the oil in my trunk.

Returned to the automotive dept. and all the wrong labels were scraped off! No new labels were in place, in violation of local unit-pricing laws. In hindsight I should have gone over to the gun section next aisle over and asked the guy to page the associate in charge of automotive for customer assistance. Then we'd have had a "nice" chat.

Returned to customer service; they were of no help. No $3 bounty if the wrong price can't be confirmed. Suspect someone scraped stickers off to avoid trouble. Took names of all parties involved and quite visibly entered manager's phone number into my cellphone. Will see where this leads....

Until this deal ran out I got 5 qts ST 10w30, 1 gal Delo 400 15w40, 1 gal ST Dexron III for a grand total of ~$4 over a few days. The Delo, Dexron, and Rotella are still mispriced, so it's not over yet.
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