Oil Pressure

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Nov 16, 2002
It has been mentioned before that the optimum oil pressure varies with oils and engines. Many people think using a heavier wt. oil gives you better protection bc of it's HT/HS. But as TS has mentioned in a prior post I just read, thats not always the case as a heavier oil can circulate slower and run much more hot. My car doesn't give a read out of oil pressure. Is there any other way to measure this or to see how a 40wt. oil is doing compared to a 30wt. oil? The post I was refering to was the Impala using a 5w-30 vs a 0w-40 where the 5w-30 actually had lower wear numbers. It was also in Houston climate (hot and muggy). In this case, it seems to be that the thinner oil actually protected better. Whether the oil pressure and temperature was better is not known, but it's kind of interesting bc it is often mistaken that a heavier oil is going to protect better. On the Autoban, it will though. [Smile] I plan on testing this myself in the next year now that my engine is clean (I hope). 2X of Rx. 0w-40 @8k miles 14.4@100c D1 @8k miles 15.0@100c M1 10w-30 @8k miles 9.8@100c S3000 @8k miles 11.7@100c So in these cases that I will be testing this year, the 40wts. might actually have higher wear numbers due to the heavier wt. of the oil. Cars today have tighter clearances then ever so a light wt. oil might be the way to go. [ March 30, 2003, 05:49 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
What year Impalla? If yours is a mid 90's SS, then you can get a sending unit for a chevy truck (reads to 60psi so the H will mean 60psi) and have a real guage without the numbers. Jason
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