Oil pressure on 5.0 20w50Valv vs. GC 0w30

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Nov 15, 2003
Well guys.... about a month ago, I went in with 20w50 Valvoline synthetic in my 5.0 Mustang.... Problem is here in Tallahassee, temperature does get down in the high 20's..... The 20w50 made the Mustang real hard to start, and the oil pressure would take several minutes to reach its maximum!! I switched to GC 0w30 and oil pressure hits its max within 5 seconds.... Fully warmed up, the GC 0w30 produced 22psi of oil pressure... Valvoline syn 20w50 produced 30psi Amsoil 10w30 produced 20 psi Valvoline 10w30 produced 18psi I really like this German Castrol 0w30 I might even keep it around for the summer! or should I add a quart of 20w50 to thicken it up a tad for summer?
I think you will be OK with the German Castrol 0W-30. However if you are worried about needing a thicker oil to get higher oil pressure you may consider trying Valvoline Synpower 5W-40. Synpower 5W-40 is ACEA rated A3/B3. This is one of the few 5W-40 motor oils that seems to be fairly easy to find and it is usually sold for less than Mobil 1. We have had a few UOA's posted with Synpower 5W-40 and if my memory is correct the results were good. I don't see any need to add 20W-50 to your current oil. [ December 08, 2003, 11:15 PM: Message edited by: Sin City ]
Remember it's the oil passages that create the oil pressure,not the pump.The thinner the oil,the better it flows through the passages and the faster it makes it through the engine.It's read a lower oil pressure but you'll have much better flow.I think flow is more important for low wear like Bob says(get well soon buddy,we miss ya).
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