Oil Pan Drain Valve Q?'s

Jan 21, 2011
I tend to be old-school and the only thing more reliable than a drain plug is a hammer. I understand the Fumoto appeal, just flick a valve and your hot oil comes streaming out. I get it. But keeping the oil securely inside my engine is not something I toy with. The Fumotos and equivalent valves stick down/out too far and can be vulnerable. Did you ever see something coming up on the road and you weren't able to avoid it? Exactly. And did that surprise road item bang something underneath your car, and you cringed while you wondered if anything was damaged or broken? No thanks.
Unless there is a heavy skid plate over the oil pan, it's just not worth the risk to me. A bolt head will not shear off like a Fumoto will. So I don't fix what isn't broken, especially where my engine's health is at stake.
Other than the heavy skid plate example, I would also install a Fumoto on a test engine that spent most of its time on a treadmill and where oil samples were taken regularly. That's about it.
Besides, who can't wait a little while so they don't burn their hands on hot oil? If 20 minutes is so critical to your insane schedule, do the service a little early. And who among us douses their hands in hot oil anyway? Get real. Put on some gloves or get better at changing oil 😂 Just my honest $0.02
Anyone who has a Fumoto, I'm sure you are happy and I am happy for you. I'm not bashing you. I just made a different decision, for these reasons.