Oil moniter light on at 4000 miles GM5.3

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Dec 1, 2002
Just had my change oil light come on at a little over 4000miles 6500ish KM. 2000 Yukon XL 5.3 loaded. Driving is a mix of city (small town and farm) and some highway 50 mile jaunts and a couple of 200 mile plus trips lately. Temps have been around freezing up or down a bit but this oil was put in back in the cold cold winter of Jan. Amsoil ATM 10W30 and Wix filter. I don't think I will bother with a UOA this time round.
Your engine does not have an anylizer that tells you when your oil is "bad". It would be on reguardless of what oil you put in there. Clear it and continue until you choose to change it.
I'm not stupid [Smile] , I do understand the oil monitor in GM vehicles. I was just stating when it came on in my application. Just like a UOA for someone else's Mazda, this is just some info for those who are interested. Some have come on at 8000+ miles so this post is only for comparison like a VOA or UOA.
I'm intrested as I have the same engine. Mine said 23% oil life left when I changed the oil at almost 5,000 miles so I'm guessing it would have made it close to 7,000 miles if I waited. [Wink]
Just had a friends 99 Cadillac 4.6 NSTR hit %0 on oil life at about 6500 miles. They do a mix of 170 mile round trips to the city and local 5-6 mile to town trips.
hk33ka1, You may not be stupid, but you and a few others here obviously do not understand how the GM oil life monitor system works. This is not a simple counter such as you might find on a Mercedes or a Honda(?) but it considers many factors to determine your optimum OCI. The intent is to save you money, and to help the environment. The second part of that statement may not have been GM's idea, but at least they came up with a really nice tool. Ford, and some GM trucks now have an hour meter. The Oil Life Monitor is more than that too. It considers the ambient temp at startup, the RPM's attained for what duration, the "heat soak" after shutdown, the max temp. attained, the duration of the trip, the speeds driven, and the mileage. Mostly the "factors" are subtractive, so the math is simple and based on an optimum acceptable oil service life. But the system itself is quite ingenious. I rely on it for my OCI's, now on my Cad I may not wait for it to hit "0", but on my co. truck it's as good as gold.
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