Oil & Lubricants for questions

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Apr 6, 2009
London, UK
Hi everyone,

For clarity's sake, I work for an advertising agency and we are currently doing some research about motor oil for a client within professional / trade communications.

We are looking for any thoughts from professionals or amateur drivers/mechanics about any factors that help you decide which motor oil to buy; or anything about the way that oil companies communicate with professional customers (Good and bad experiences).

If you have a few minutes, we would be really grateful for any thoughts you might have.

Specifically, this is for Shell Helix (and other lubricants) - and interestingly I didn't come across much talk about it in various sites, so I thought I would find out what you think about their oils as well..?

Many thanks!
For experiences with Shell Helix among a certain Ferrari/Lamborghini/Maybach owner on this site, you could search posts from "AEHaas".

But like Johnny said, this oil is not available in the US/Canada, where most of its members reside, so you won't find that much experience here.
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