Oil Life Auto Meters

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Jul 17, 2003
New York
Just browsing some boards early on this morning and wanted to share some links I found on the *oil life meters* that are in some auto's today. I know Chrylser/MB uses them, not sure about others.

link 1

link 2
Cadillac has used them for several years. They started at around 4000 miles max, then went to 7500 max, and then 10000, and as of 2000 or so are now at a max of 12,500 miles for conventional oil. They swear by them and strictly state to follow the oil life indicator. I, however, have not followed it. In the cold winter, it only went to about 1400 miles before wanting an oil change. I guess idling, short trips and the shear cold temps. In that case, it was great, but the 12500 miles for conventional oil...not me!
After reading the articles at above links, I wonder if there are any people here that will still claim that the big automakers don't do any research on OCIs?
Not open for further replies.