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Apr 4, 2008
So today after my car was not driven for 3hrs i checked oil ... i took dipstick out an oil was on minimum ???? !!!! but i cleaned i put again and oil was on max line and little over but the over part was only on half of dipstick ... how come it showed minimum and after i sticked again max ? !
Check your owners manual on how to check the dipstick. For mines, the engine needs to be at operating temp to get an accurate reading.
yeah it was fully seated ,, im just really suprized that 1st minimum cleaned and i got full crazzy stuff thats it ..
manual says 1. be sure the vehicle is on level surface 2. warm up the engine to normal operating temperature ( should i drive or let it idle for how long ) ??? 3. Turn it off and wait 5 minutes for the oil to return to oil pan 4. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean and reinsert fully 5. pull it back check oil level
but beside how it will change this situation even when engine warmed up
nope ... it was all the way im not only with this problem http://www.mazdaforum.com/archive/threads/mazda3i-2.0-engine-oil-level-issues-36453-1.html and there is a post "The tech told me that the 4.5 quart capacity listed for the M3 is the "bone dry fill" capacity they use when they first fill the engine at the factory. This is more oil than the engine needs for oil changes, as the engine is NOT bone dry ever again. Even if you let it drain for an hour, it would not be bone dry. He said to put 4.25 quarts in with a filter change. Based on this, I would recommend owners tell their oil change people to put in 4.25 quarts (at least for the 2.0 engine)." wtf manual says approximate quantity 4.3L /4.5 US Qt ? should i listen to this guy ?
I had a simular situation with two (new to me) chysler sebrings coupes (04 and 05) these had the mistubishi made 2.4 L I recently bought one for my son, liked it so I bought one for myself too! You would check the oil and it would read max. Clean the dipstick and re-insert and pull and it would read add? This buged me for a long time unitl I figured it out. The dipstick is very long and takes about 3 curves before it gets into the oil pan. The dipstick is alco very thing and flimsey. If you instert it gently, it would not go all the way down even though it was seated at the top. After driving the car for awhile the dipstick would eventualy straighten out fromt he vibrations from driving. If you insert it quickly and firmly, it would travel all the way down and give you an accurate reading the first time. This had my head spinning for along time.
I always check my oil full cold no matter what. it 's the only way to get a consistent reading.
Mine do something simular...either way i wouldnt worry about it. As long its full. I normally check three to four times.
After shutdown for one hour or more, what the oil level reads on the first pull of the dipstick is what I go by. I never wipe off that first read and do another read. There's too many inconsistent reads that way. Dipsticks are too flimsy nowadays - cannot be trusted. After pulling a few of these flimsy dipsticks, you must drive the vehicle to get some dipstick-ends settled down to their lowest point again. Just pushing the dipstick down until it stops - won't always give you the right reading nowadays.
I have the exact same problem with my Mazda 2.3l 2008 CX-7. It is a straight and short dip stick so I do not understand what is happening. In my Ford's and GM's I would check them hot, cold, rain, shine, even upside down and they always registered the same. Go figure, this is my first foreign car, but I really do love it.
I assume we have same Engine :) lol 1st morning im checking oil dipstick on minium - i will clean it stick again and im getting maximum lmao ? ! i dunno im so confused now
I am 51 years old and have been working on cars since I was about 10 with my Dad. I have always done my own basic maintenance and changed oil in all the vehicles I have ever owned, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and lawn mowers. How confused do you think I am?
lol, I knew you had a Mazda3, i've been curious of the same. If the car has been sitting, I'll pull the dipstick and see that it needs a quart. I replace the dipstick and check again and magically the oil is full. How? Not sure if it makes a difference but mine is a 2.3L
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