Oil is red

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Apr 19, 2003
Used Nissan truck, 2.4L engine, oil was changed by the dealer just before delivery, but I don't remember what color it was back then. I changed it again 1500 miles later, and it still had a red tint to it after the change. What could make the oil red? I don't think that automatic transmission fluid or power steering fluid is leaking in, and the antifreeze is green. All I can think of is that somebody added ATF to the engine to fix a ticking hydraulic lifter (no noise now, this is one of the few Nissans with hydraulic lifters).
What year? Mileage? I wouldn't worry about it unless it gets more red with time. 2.4L has its issues. Use quality oil and regular change intervals. Sounds like someone might have used MMO. Green antifreeze is the normal cooler for the Nissans(various from 1988-2000) that I've owned.
It'probably from the mechanic's blood supply while changing belts and fluids! [Eek!] [Big Grin] Just changed all three belts on my Frontier (2001 at 61 k+) and left some skin in various places. Like you said, someone may have cleaned engine with ATF, which in my view, is not a good practice. If in doubt, change fluid to your brand and see if redness disappears or if it persists. I have seen from Off-Brands that had a brownish-reddish tinge to them.
I'd bet the dealer may have added a dye to the oil to help find or spot oil leaks. If it's a used vehicle, then I imagine the dealer did an inspection on it before reselling it ato you did any necessary repairs. Call up the dealer and see if you can find out, I doubt they would've added atf to the oil and I think you would have to add a lot of atf to turn it red when you drain it.
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