Oil in gas?

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Jan 6, 2005
North Alabama
I know some of you guys are fond of putting ATF in your gas, but what about motor oil? What would happen if 1 qt. of motor oil was mixed with 15 gallons of gas?......or 1 qt. MMO & 1 qt. motor oil in 15 gallons of gas?
I use Lucus UCL every tank fill which is a kind of oil made to mix with gas like 2cycle oil. Use one 2oz per 7to8 gal fill. I beleive in it being I get about 2mpg better mpg than it's EPA rating(98 Suzuki Swift 1.3L 16V 4cyl 79HP 39-43EPA averaging 43-45 last 71++thou miles) which is also 2mpg better than my last Metro that averaged EPA rating it's whole 216thou miles I owned it (96GEO Metro 1.3L 8V 4cyl 70HP EPA 39-43) What's really great is the 9 extra HP the Swift has over the Metro (same engine except 16V instead of 8V along with 4-injectors instead of thottle body) which gets better milage and is just more power adaquit and rev happy!! Like it so well I bought a second one (01) for when this one(98) passes on. PS the 98 Swift averaged 41-43 from 11thou (when I bought it) to 37thou when I started using the UCL-108+thou today. (M1 every 10thou)
Hmmm...I dunno. I know that they use kero (or lighter fuel oils) as a carrier for the very small (volume-wise) cleaners and additives that they tend to put in a bottle (Reagain, etc.) ..but aside from a Saab 3 stroke ..I dunno whether that would be a good idea. We don't like motor oil dripping into our cylinders through leaking valve seals ..nor do we want oil vapors in the form of blow by in our intake ..but we live with it. So, I'll pass on the motor oil, with it's high ash additives being in my fuel. I think that lighter fuel oils (lighter fluid for all I know) are used to circumvent hazardous material transportation/packaging issues. [ June 22, 2005, 10:15 PM: Message edited by: Gary Allan ]
ummm... '25 Rover owner's manual advises -if it is convenient to add- engine oil to ease up the breaking-in on the first tankfulls. If I recall correctly it was one pint per tank. Tank was about 60 litres. I do it, not every now and then... sometimes... it revs easier at a certain band around 3000rpm. Continious using has no benefits. Old remainder Castrol 20w 50 GTX. Engine newer uses oil so I have it consumed this way. [Big Grin] ~250ml per 60litres.
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