Oil Grades

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Mar 2, 2006
Mid-West, USA
Okay, we have been talking so much about GC going to AC.... Well, the question is...I know enough to use GC because it is PAO based, which I have been told is great. Well, what are the different grades 1-5 I am guessing, and what are they made from, and how? Why is PAO so much better than other oils?
AndyH, Thanks so much for that link. It helped me to gain a better understanding of some things that I was missing before. The issue about the transitions of the grades was most helpfull. If I have read this correctly it seems that the line dividing the higher rated blends is becomming more blured and further that the feeder stock isn't as crucial as it had been in the past. Gees, I hope I understood it correctly, and I hope that you and the other gurus will chime in on this. John
Originally posted by AndyH: I'd recommend reading "The Evolution of Base Oil Technology" on Chevron's Technical Papers page of their web site: http://www.chevron.com/products/prodserv/BaseOils/papers.shtml
That was very informative. Thank you. I am curious on the Pennzoil Platinum, as I have read it is Group V, which I know nothing about. Does anyone know how PP is made, and what Group V in PP is? I know that it is anything other than Group I-IV, but that is about it.
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