Oil gets dirty quick after switching to Syn

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Oct 12, 2003
North Carolina
I've got a 2000 Cirrus with a six in it. It has 70k miles and I just switched to a havoline Syn. I've done 2 oil changes and the oil seems to get very dirty after only 500-700 miles. Could it be that the Syn is cleaning better? Should I be concerned about leaving the filter in for 5k miles?
This oil might just be rinsing the lighter particulates off if it's a lighter vi oil than you have been using because it's flowing better or reaching places larger amounts of oil has not been in awhile . Kinda like when some say they use ATF and it cleans the internal engine . BTW , The newer Havoline Synthetic is not a PAO formulation and PAO basestock do not have inherent cleaning abilities .
About a year ago, I contacted Texaco asking if either Havoline or Havoline Synthetic can clean the deposits inside the engine, and they said "NO". [I dont know]
Perhaps they mis-understood the question, or it was posed differently. The fact remains that even the pure base stocks have high detergency, let alone the bs with detergent additives. Like it or not, it does clean, so the Havoline engineers either will have sleepless nights or (my guess) is that they know the truth and are fine with it - I would be. The "color" of oil should get darker quick - plus, the oil's themselves vary a great deal in orioginal color. MaxLife is almost clear yellow, M1 is amber, and LE is red. Like people, it is the strength of the oil's character, not its color, that makes it a success or a failure.
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