Oil Forum Screen Blank

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Jan 24, 2008
On Saturday I went to the main BITOG screen and then went to the oil forums and the screen was blank. I could see the recent topics so I clicked on and nothing happened. I was able to click on the Mobil 1 avatar and all of the advertisements up top and they came on.

I can get to all of my other automotive websites, I rebooted the computer and still I had a blank screen, I e-mailed Helen and she said the site was fine. I even ran 2 virus scans and nothing showed up.

I am at the library now, does anyone have any ideas.
Got me swinging
I've had an occasional hiccup from the site ..but you would have to be on a good bit to run into it ..or so I reason. I've never gotten a blank screen. I've been able to access the front page, but not the forums. I've had the server hang me up for a LONG TIME ..but it passed.
I guess this will soon pass, thanks Gary. Its the forums that do not come on.
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I still cannot access the oil forums from my home computer, any thoughts guys.

I am at the library again.
Your IP may be blocked. That is, your log on info is still valid ..but your IP is banned. Contact one of the mods.
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