Oil for the 2001 Intrepid, 2.7L V6 engine

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Jul 16, 2003
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
I was wondering what peoples opinions are on a recommended oil for the infamous 2.7L V6 for the 2001 Intrepid. There have been problems with the earlier model 2.7's with sludge. I purchased my Intrepid in May with approximately 17800 Kms on it. Put in Gearhead Full (Group III) Synthethic 5w30 in at 19,671 Kms on July 11, 2003. Checks at regular intervals revealed no noticeable consumption and light honey brown appearance. I checked the oil today and it was a noticeable darker brown so got it changed for Mobil 1 w/Supersyn 5w30. Will be mailing out a sample for a UOA for the Gearhead oil to Blackstone Labs shortly. Any other suggestions on oils? [ October 19, 2003, 05:25 PM: Message edited by: James Miranda ]
Nice car. To bad they dropped the 3.3L option in the Intrepid. Gearhead group III? You could support the Canadian brands by not believing the PAO hype, or use Esso 0W30 Super Flow synthetic or 0W40 PAO XD-3. Mobil has changed their synthetic formula X number of times in the last few years. Because of that, Delvac 5W40 is about the only Mobil product I would buy, if the price wasn't twice that of the Esso or CI-4/SL group IIIs.
The other option in synthetic other than Amsoil would be the German Castrol (GC) if you check the board a little you will find a bazzilion o\posts on "GC" . Mobil 5W-30 is a great choice.
Some of the threads which deal directly with Toyota sludge issues should answer most of your questions, I would think. Also, on one of the main pages of The Oil Drop is an article on the Toyota sludge problem, although I couldn't readily find it. Perhaps somebody else can find the link to it.
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