Oil for short trips, low use, classic car?

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Jan 4, 2004
Some beginner questions: My grandmother drives a 1966 Chevelle, which she bought new, and has only 78,000 miles. It is driven about 20-30 miles a week, in fairly short trips (7 miles). Her mechanic of many years has gone out of buisness, so I just put a SuperTech filter on it, and Chevron 10W30 when it reached the usual 6 month OCI. -Is this an acceptable OCI? (6months/600miles) -Is this approximately the correct weight? I assumed that 10W30 would be OK in the Winter (-10F at the coldest)? -Would there be benifits to running a 15W40 in the summer? I know that between the primitive open PCV system, and the short trips, the oil has to deal with a lot of gas and water. Would the higher TBN of the HDMO's help with that? -If running a 15W40 would be a good idea, at least in the summer, maybe Delo 400 would be a good choice since it would be the same brand as the Chevron Supreme? Delvac 1300? Long Life? Thanks, Bob
Myself.....I wouldn't run a conventional 10w30 at -10, but to each his own. A HDMO might be a good choice in the summer, but I would just recommend changing it often........every 6 six months or so.
[Cool] Clearances on a 1966 engine are going to be loose, even when it was new, compared to modern engines. I think 10w-30 dino and a 6 month OCI is fine.
That's a good question. I've got a 71' Old Culass that it is just about completely restored and was wondering the same thing. It really hasn't been driven much in the last 15 years or so but has had Valvoline 10W 40 in it since new. Is that ok or any other suggestions? Motor has never been touched btw.
From what I have read here 10-30 is kind of the standard. You are using very good oil and changing if at a very good interval I don't think you can be very far from perfect. I imagine she doesn't do very many -10 degree starts, if so then maybe a 5-30 for the winter. I would think with so little driving between changes the diesel oil would not be much better for summer. If so then take it for a drive when you stop to see her and heat it up some. She probably likes having you stop by. [ January 26, 2004, 04:53 PM: Message edited by: White 03 ]
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