Oil For Nitrous?

Jefferson, Wisconsin
I just recently got a job at an auto parts store and we just happen to sell nitrous so I get a nice discount. I have had it before on my car (LT1 Z28), but that was when it was an internally stock motored car. Now with heads/cam, it is a high 11 second car without nitrous. I plan on spraying a 75hp shot and a 100hp shot if I want to literally go for broke. (Yes, I understand things will break either way... I need a good excuse to get a new rearend and trans) I really like Mobil 1 10w30 becuase it is only $3.80 a quart and it seems to work well. (At 60,000 miles when I did the cam swap, all the internals were 100% clean and without any wear.. this has been a M1 car from day 1). With nitrous, will I need to use a different oil or can I just stick with M1? Thanks!