Oil for my VW bug

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Jun 16, 2004
Whats up guys. I was looking around for the best oil I could find for my 1965 Bug. It has Hi-Po motor in it and I live in So Cal, where it tends to get a little hot. I am currently running the regular valvoline 20/50, but I was wondering if their was something better. I looked into the redline 20/50 to see how it was, and it seemed to be alright; what do you guys think? Should I even be running 20/50? Right now, being summer time, it is quite hot staring around 10:00 am, and the 100 degree days are coming up, if that makes a difference. Also, I don't know if anyone is familiar with type 1 volkswagen motors, but it is full-flowed, therefore I have an oil filter (K&N HP 3001). THanks.
What did you end up running? A lot of people recommended Mobil 1 20/50 and Mobil 1 15/50. THey also recommended diesel oil, but I couldn't quite catch which ones.
It's my buddy's car. IIRC, he is currently breaking it in on delo 400 30HD. He is going to switch to redline. The viscosity he chooses will be dependent on the observed oil temps that he sees during break-in.
I'd go with the highest quality straight 30 wt you can find...oh, yes, Castrol makes a straight 30wt I believe...now if it were just made in Germany!
Thanks for finding that previous thread, sbc350gearhead. [Wink] "They also recommended diesel oil, but I couldn't quite catch which ones." The 15W40 Heavy Duty Engine Oils ... HDEOs, I'll bet. Pennzoil Long life has been a favorite of mine but they are in the process of updating the formula and the potent additive package looks like it's getting cut way back. [Frown] Chevron Delo400 would be a 2nd choice. Schaeffer's 15W40 synthetic blend is an even better bet than the above two mass-market oils if you really want something special. [Big Grin] --- Bror Jace
Hmmm, I wonder what the VW board guys would say. I am thinking a straight 30 or 40 would be best in the air cooled engine.
"I wonder what the VW board guys would say?" Just take their "wisdom" with a grain of salt. [Wink] I've been on a lot of brand-specific car boards in the past few years and most were polluted with all kinds of nonsense and mis-truths about oil brands, weights, synthetic vs. dino, etc ... [Roll Eyes] Someone can be well versed in the selection and installation of hard parts but not know a rat's @$$ about lubricants. Just because some of their vehicles have survived for years on their selection of fluids and habits, doesn't mean their recipe is best ... although I'm sure they'll insist otherwise. [Roll Eyes] --- Bror Jace
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