Oil for my new beater :)

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
Well, I guess I should change my screen name on all message boards. I just picked up a 94 Toyota Corrolla DX, 1.8L (not the weak 1.6L) 5 speed manual. Car has 70,ooo miles, is a one owner car bought from original owner, and has all dealer service records, even for cooling system service. The guy apparently did oil changes himself, as they were documented in the owner''s manual. Taking a look under the oil filler cap revealed fair aount of varnish, but no noticeable sludge. The car is freakin cherry, runs and drives better than my 99 Grand Am, that's why the Grand Am has got to go. Now, on to what oil she should use. I just changed the oil the day I purchased the car to 5w-30 penzoil with a napa gold filter because it's been about 2 degrees out lately. If I switch to mobil 1, will I get leakage? I'm also thinking of switching to a 15w-40 like Penzoil's. Are these oils truely safe for a gasoline engine, and will they theoreticaly clean up sludge and varnish better? Thanks
The heavy duty oils are available in 10w30 . usually they must be purchased from an oil distributor,they are listed in the phone book. yes they are safe for gasoline oils . imo they are the synthetic oils without the synthetic, Look at the virgin oil analysis postings for Redline Schaeffers Amsoil etc. the additive ppms are almost alike. or add 1 quart of amsoil or Redline to slowly dissolve the deposits.
Drew, If you think the engine might start leaking and want a better than off the shelf oil SL you might think about a 10/30 HD oil like the one I chose for one of my cars,,,a 15/40 is just too heavy even in Oklahomas summer for a domestic V-8 much less a Toyota. The ways it's looking it will take a BOMB to do this 1.50 a quart oil in ;)There are others available but most do not come in quarts like this one. http://theoildrop.server101.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=11;t=000065
What oil was used by the last owner? What mileage did he change it - 3000/3 months?
Originally posted by JonS: What oil was used by the last owner? What mileage did he change it - 3000/3 months?
For a beater, I'd run some AutoRx and stay with a budget oil and filter. Chevron Supreme or Citgo SuperGard with a SuperTech filter sounds ideal to me.
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