Oil For My 215,000 mile Miata!

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Mar 13, 2003
New England
New guy here. I just registered after reading this forum for about a month now. Great topics and informed people. I have been using Mobil 1 10W30 in my 1990 Mazda Miata since I bought the car in 1992. It had 27,000 miles on it when I bought it. The previous owner had used regular 10W30 Pennzoil. My question is, should I change to a heavier oil with the kind of mileage I have? 215,000 miles at this point. I am thinking about using Mobil 1 15W50 or 0W40. Which would be best? Currently, I seem to burn about half a quart of oil each 3,000 miles. I change my oil every 5,000 miles. I'd appreciate your comments and advice about the possible advantages of a heavier oil.

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I'd just stay doing what you've been doing for the last few hundred thousand miles.

Seems to be working for you.
Wow that is great oil consumption for that kind of milage. I only have 25,000 on my miata and
I hope I do as well as you. I would think you would want to go to a 40 weight oil at that milage and I would stick with the mobil 1. So I think the best choice would be the 0w-40 mobil 1.
I have not seen it yet in this area but I'm sure
it can be found. Do a search in the used oil analysis area for results but seems to be a great
oil. These Miata's are awesome!!!
1/2 a quart every 3,000 miles at 215,000 miles on the odometer? And you're complaining?
I'd kill for that kind of consumption on my car..

Stick to whatever you are doing, it's obviously working very well
I thought that a thicker synthetic might cut down the consumption, and offer me better engine protection at my elevated mileage. I'll also add that I visit my 7,200 rpm redline frequently once the oil reaches its proper operating temperature. Do you think that my engine is getting "loose" with all those miles, and would benefit from a thicker oil? Thanks.
MiataDon, that sounds like one great car! you might try mixing one quart of M1 15-50 with three quarts of M1 10w-30. Mobil says it is safe to mix these two different viscosities of M1 together. Many people have done this with good results (in Corvettes using 4 of 10w-30 to 2 10w-30). This might prove to be more resistant to shearing than the M1 0w-40. I am trying the M1 0w-40 in my 1997 BMW318i now and will soon know if this results in higher oil consumption than with the Pennzoil 15w-40 that I have in there know. Good luck.
MiataDon ,
Patman says the Camaro boys mix in some 15w-50 Mobil1 with the light-weight stuff to slow down consumption.I'm sure he'll post here about that subject soon.
Good results with your ride and WELCOME
to the forum!
Haha.....no, just a satisfied customer!

I'm certainly not complaining about the half quart every 3,000 miles. I realize that's not serious consumption. I'm just looking for the perfect oil at the perfect viscosity just like everyone else. When the weather finally warms up around here, I'll probably try the 0W40 Mobil 1. Seems like good stuff.
Wow.....thanks for the advice guys. I really feel welcome here! What a great forum.

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Seriosuly, just keep using the 10w-30 mobil1 every 5,000 miles, perhaps topping off with 15w-50 throughout your oil change interval. Come back in 5 years and tell us how your engine is still running!!
I agree with the topping off or even going with maybe a half quart to a quart 15W-50 to 3 quarts of the 10W-30. I am also reluctant to suggest changing anything-but the slight thickening should help slow consumption and I wouldn't hurt with the oil flow (especially in summer). Like they say, "Keep fixing it until its broken"

I agree with everyone else here, it seems you've got a good thing going, so stick with the Mobil 1, and just top it off with 15w50 to give it a slightly thicker mixture.

If you ever did decide to switch, stick with a 10w30 or 5w30, but go with something like Redline, Amsoil or Royal Purple, all of which are slightly thicker 30wt oils than Mobil 1 (which is formulated on the very low end of the 30wt range)
MiataDon, your oil consumption is extremely low. This fact in combination with your use of Mobil 1 and frequent oil changes means that your engine has near zero engine wear. Japanese engines are famous for this and American car owners just can't fathom that near zero wear at 200,000 is routine in Asian cars!
So I say stay with the 10W-30 and drive onto 400,000. You may be amazed that even at 400,000, you could still have excellent engine compression and low oil consumption. That's what I have experienced on my Toyota 400,000+ mile engine using Mobil 1 10W-30 changed every 5000 miles and using genuine Toyota oil and air filters and tune up parts.

Mobil 1 15w-50 would be a fine choice, and
I would even suggest Delvac 1.

I can't imagine that there is no wear at
215,000 miles, especially since you are a regular
visitor to the red-line.

So, there has to be wear, and a thicker oil
would be a good idea. Trust your judgement on
this. Following your judgement has obviously
worked for you so far

Great job maintaining your car!


Only 215,000 miles, huh? M1 5K changes? 1/2 quart to add @ each 3K or so?

The M1 15W-50 advice is probably a good one and sure might be worth a try. Otherwise...

ENJOY! You need to find something else to worry about because you have this subject covered more securely than Sadaam's newest bunker!

How many clutches have you gone through?
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