Oil for extreme short trip vehicle

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Jul 5, 2014
Good Evening I have a well used, but much loved 98 Toyota truck with 2.4 liter 4 cylinder. I have run Amsoil 5 w 30 and factory oil filters for the last 200 k miles, changing the oil yearly and the filter every 6 months. I have a new job that is 3 miles from home. The engine never warms up, and, I am worried about moisture and sludge building up in the Amsoil. I want to switch to a cheaper oil and change oil and filter every 4 months or 2000 miles to dump any accumulated water and crud. Any suggestions as to a good motor oil for short trips? I was wondering if switching to another synthetic would cause seal problems such as leakage? THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY INPUT
Keep doing what you are doing. You use a long-drain oil fully capable of handling your concerns. Do a UOA at 7500 and go from there.
Just make it a point to get the truck up to a steady hwy speed for 30-40 minutes at least 1x month.
A UOA is not much cheaper than an oil change. My opinion is slightly different to some. I would simply do an oil and filter change every 6 months. I don't see any point in changing a filter without also changing the oil.
Pennzoil Yellow bottle and a good name filter. Get them on sale all the time at any auto part store. Use them for 6 months and change them. Costs less than a UOA and you will always have clean oil and decent filter. Will run longer than rust will take to get it.
Because of what my mother needs to carry with her, she has done FIVE BLOCK commutes, in the same car, for FOURTEEN, yes 14 years. The car has over 160k miles. Its a 97 Plymouth breeze, and runs like new. We found early on that using syn oil at the non-severe OCI would still provide good results, so that is what has been done all this time. Yep, five block commutes, doesnt get much worse than that, except for the mile or so to the supermarket and other such chore drives...
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