Oil for Dodge Hemi

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Mar 15, 2003
I don't imagine these things have any special requirements....my brother-in-law just bought one and I was wondering if anyone on the board has done any analysis or experimenting???


Funny, I just posted a thread about the Ram with the Hemi engine. Seems they are a fantastic deal right now! I'd say M1/Amsoil 5w-30 and a 5w-40 SUV oil in the summer.
Nothing known about long term results with different oils in this Dodge engine. As always, I'd use the heaviest viscosity allowed by the owner's manual and use a top quality brand of oil, either conventional or synthetic as he prefers.

That thing got a HEMI?

Originally posted by BlackF250:
That thing got a HEMI?

Yer about to find out!

Ha! Those are cute commercials!

Thanks guys. I didn't figure this particular engine had been around long enough for definitive answers.

It was kind of funny. My buddy bought a 2003 Dodge with the 345hp HEMI and we raced each other on a back road last summer. I have a 2003 Silverado with the 285hp Vortec 5.3 and both trucks are auto. We were dead even off the line and all the way to 70mph! We did this several times with the same results! He was a little pissed and I would be also if I were him. I had a big smile on my face!
I got a chuckl of of it! That is not very good markiting if you think about it though. You see more and more of it these days and it just plain sucks!!! What ever happened to commirshals of a truck pulling a tree stump out of the ground or off roading?
I wish mopar sold the new hemi in a dodge dart sized two door with no electric anything. Just an a/c. Maybe power brakes and steering. IF it had good brakes, suspension, and tires I would buy two today.

I would go with a 5w-40 synthetic oil in the engine.
The engine's track record is unproven so far, so it may be good or not. We will know in a few years.

This is a totally new design for mopar. It has very little other than a chamber design that is anything like the old hemi engines.


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What I've always done with a new vehicle is to do the first oil change at half the recommended interval with dino oil, then hit the first regular interval with synthetic. I'd say Mobil 1 with a Mobil 1, K&N, or NAPA Gold filter. Yeah, yeah, Amsoil is great and all but if you go past the recommended OCI you void the warranty and it's expensive to change every 5k or whatever. My .02.
I have a 03 2500 Ram.. 5.7 Hemi.. Love it.. 14000 miles and no problems.. nothing.. first vehical ever owned that didn't have to go back to the dealership for something.. Anyway.. I use Moble 1 5W-30 and one qt of 0W-20.. Runs great.. takes 7 qts of oil however.. On the 345 HP topic.. you must run mid grade 89 to run 345.. HP will drop to around 300 if reg gas is used.. Sometimes it takes two fill ups w/89 to up HP again..

I have just leased a new 04 Dodge Ram Quadcab with the Hemi, with the intention of purchasing it at lease end (assuming it's a good truck). I will take delivery in about 5 weeks or so. My intentions are as follows:

Factory fill and filter: change at 500 kms
At 2000 kms: change oil and filter (probably Penzoil 5W-30 dino)
At 5000 kms: repeat the above
At 10000 kms: repeat the above
At 15000 kms: repeat the above only switching to Amsoil 5W-30 (ASL) and FF filter
At 25000 kms: repeat the above
At 35000 kms: repeat the above and using 1 year or ~30000 kms for the oil change interval with a filter change and top off at 6 months into the oci.

Please feel free to comment and let me know if you think I'm crazy. If I decide to do UOA on all the above I will gladly post the results.

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