Oil for bathed in oil timing belt

Apr 23, 2021
I own a Ford vehicle with Ecoboost engine that uses the the bathed in oil timing belt.
Are their any particular oil that have been tested and proven more beneficial over another competitor for longevity and degradation of the timing belt?
Just the motorcraft oil. It seems like the failures are more because of bad pumps and bad luck.
I used be a firm believer in Mobil1 AFE or their products. Or used Pennzoil.
Recently I switched to Castrol Edge EP. Only because it was son rollback at Walmart.
Done some research and Ford appears to work with Castrol. There European vehicles use Castrol oil.
I found out Ford worked with Castrol to develope a 5W-20 for a specific WSS M2C-948 oil spec for 1.0L Ecoboost engine.
It's Apples to Oranges but the Ford GT cones factory filled with Castrol Edge oil in a 15W-20 in think.
I found in Asian markets in lesser developed countries Ford sells a Ford/Castrol Magnatek oil exclusive through dealerships.

Stumbling upon this I think Castrol Edge oil is going to become my new go to oil. Im sold.
He meant belt.
Several of the smaller Ford Ecoboost engines use a bathed in oil timing belt.
I know both the 1.0L and 1.5L 3cylinder engines have a bathed in oil timing belt.
Other engines may also have one, not sure.