Oil for an Alfa Romeo

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Originally posted by Shannow:

Doesn't look all that flash actually.

Why not?

It meets FIAT spec 9.55535
and it comes in the best looking oil can I've seen in years.
Yeah, I might accidentally grab that can while reaching for my olive oil when making a salad...
Actually the salad dressing was exactly what the owner said it looked like as he poured the equivalent to half a day's pay into the sump.
aha! another argument for running veggie oil in the crankcase
. Actually, this may be an outdated comment, but my old gtv6 2.5 liked its diet of castrol 20w50.
...a well-respected Alfa and Audi Guru, a woman named April, claims Kendall Full Synth 5w-40 is great for her cars. You guys in Aussie Land don't get or need this oil, but maybe someone in the US will want to give it a try.
Yep, my 78 Alfetta loved GTX 20w50. At least a 1/2 quart every 1000 miles. It loved gasoline too. 23 mpg was typical.

I'm glad they don't sell Alfa's here. Too much hassle. Ducati's are bad enough, too much tempation.
My '73 GTV (which had a few mods like a milled, ported and polished head, headers and free-flow exhaust) thrived on Castrol or Valvoline 20w50.
I didn't know much about oil in those days though. I loved that car, but God, what an unreliable beast it was.
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